I Love Mascaras – Maybelline The Falsies Reviewed

I am a big fan of mascaras. I don’t think I can go a day without having any mascara on. I truly believe that mascara makes a huge difference in your appearance. The only problem is that there are so many horrible mascaras out there! I really still believe that majolica majorca makes the best mascaras.

Anyways, I’m not here to talk about my other mascara brands, but feel free to ask me any questions if you have any!

I bought the new Maybelline The Falsies Volum’ Express Flared in blackest black from Target.

Here it is again. I think Maybelline makes pretty good mascaras in comparison to the other brands. If you think back, it started with the black mascara, then yellow, and now this purple one called “the Falsies.”

So the wand and the formula feels different. The wand has a slight curve to help curl your lashes upwards. The fine bristle hairs are stiff and help separate the hairs. The mascara formula is silky and glides on easily. I was really excited for this mascara, however, I don’t think its as good as the other Maybelline mascaras.

Here is a before and after photo. It’s horrible right? On the left, my eyelashes are curled with no mascara. On the right, I have the Maybelline the Falsies mascara fully applied. The problem is that it weighs down my eyelashes, so whats the point of wearing the mascara? I wear mascara to have beautiful eyelashes that are curled upwards to help open up my eyes and make them look bigger! This was an epic fail. But in all honestly, this was also a bad photo and the mascara looks a lot better on the other eye that I applied it on.. not the one pictured. Who cares though, right? The point is that this is not the best mascara out there, so no point in me trying to defend it.

Maybelline the Falsies Volum’ Express Flared (Blackest Black) Rating: ★★★☆☆

  • cute packaging
  • well designed wand
  • there is a good amount of volume
  • weighs your eyelashes down
  • not good to re-apply mascara once it has already dried
  • cheap and easy to find
  • waterproof, but still easy to remove when washing up
  • smells interesting and weird (lol i can’t describe it.. not even sure if i like it or not)


4 Replies to “I Love Mascaras – Maybelline The Falsies Reviewed”

  1. i bought this one too.. but on the contrary i like this mascara..well mascara is like people hair tho..different formular do different job..but by far i love majolica too! anyway i love ur contact lens!

    1. don’t get me wrong, i think this mascara is good and in fact better than most other mascaras. but in comparison to majolica, it doesn’t come close! haha but thanks for sharing your thoughts! makes for a better discussion 🙂

      anyways im planning on getting new contact lens soon. not sure which ones yet though..

  2. Hey there, dyou think the lashionista mascara from maybelline is better than the majolica ones?

    1. I think maybelline and majolica are both pretty up there.. but the maybelline technology is moving so much quicker and they are pumping out so many more mascara types than majolica. I think maybelline might be better now. I never tried Lashionista tho, but I would say that it doesn’t hurt to get it. I think maybelline makes awesome mascara’s and you really can’t go wrong with them, especially for the price and availability. If you get it, let me know how you like them! Maybe I’ll just have to get myself one too 😀

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