Clinique Super City Block Review

When my sister was here recently in the states visiting, she gave me nice little gift that I enjoyed very, very much  She got me a tokidoki bag, Clinique Super City Block 40-SPF, and red tokidoki nail polish 

All of the items are either super cute or are very useful. Check out the bag in more detail.. I am a fan of british flags by the way, lol.

I’m not going to show the tokidoki nail polish in this blog post, but I will defiantly have it in a separate post! Stay tuned. But I am going to review the Clinique Super City Block for you now and tell you what it is!

So my sister got this for me because I was talking about how I never really put sunblock on my face. I think it’s a very nice thoughtful gift from her. The Clinique Super City Block is 40-SPF, and is an oil-free daily face protector. Some cool things about it is that it is also meant to be used as a primer for your makeup! Awesome huh?

Although it has a brown color to it, it doesn’t act like foundation as you would expect it to. There really isn’t much skin color change when applying the sun screen. What’s very nice about the product is that it truly is sheer  and weightless. It also has antioxidants!

Check out my before and after test on my hand. It just adds a tiny bit of shine. Not bad at all compared to how normal sunblocks look and how oily and heavy they feel sometimes. When you put this on your face, it feels like a normal moisturizer!

With the sun beating hotter as we get closer to the summer, this is the perfect tool to have in your makeup bag. Long lasting protection and a primer. I really do believe that this is a must have, or something similar. You need to protect your face from getting sunspots!

Clinique Super City Blocks (40-SPF) Rating: ★★★★★

  • good packaging and product
  • highest level SPF within Clinique’s Super City Block formulas help protect skin from damaging UVA/UVB rays
  • contains a boosted level of antioxidants
  • safe to use around the eyes
  • very very sheer, weightless formula that slips on easily and absorbs quickly
  • able to act as a primer and hold makeup in place, making it last longer
  • gentle and effective sunscreen for all types of skin, even sensitive
  • oil-free forumla

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