H&M Bracelets and Rings Galore!

So this weekend I kinda splurged and bought a lot of jewelry from H&M. All of these items ranged from ~$4-6 each.

I’ll show you some close ups of each 

Here are the rings that I got. I really like them, but the only problem is that they are a tiny bit big for me, but they are size small! So I’m not sure what to do with them since they slide right off my finger 

I like these because of it’s simple neutral and worn out looking colors.

These ones are cute simple bracelets that can go with most outfits. The only thing is that it is a little hard to put on.

I really love the color on this bracelet and I also love the spikes!

This yellow color I find appealing for some reason and quite appropriate for the upcoming summer weather.

This black bracelet is very simple, yet nice.

 What do you think about these bracelets that I bought? Do you have any tips on how to coordinate bracelets? 

I usually don’t wear bracelets or much jewelry around my hands/wrists. So I am totally a newb. Haha, anyways hope you enjoyed my photos.



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