H&M: Outfits for Work

At H&M I purchased three dresses and a belt recently for work purposes and more semi-formal occasions. In total, I probably spent about $70. But I think all of these dresses are flattering, nice, and worth the price.

blue and white dress

makes me look thin
classy but sexy at the same time since the back is semi exposed

polka dot dress

awesome cheap find
slimming, but you need to watch for the stomach bulge after meals
you can dress it up or dress it down easily

grey dress

~$15 (originally $30)
although it is not skin tight, it still shows your curves
simple and elegant

pink belt

~ $10
cute belt that you can easily pair with outfits
perfect as a high waisted belt
easily casual or formal

These outfits look a lot different when wearing them compared to how they look on a hanger since you can’t really tell the dimensions of the outfits. I’ll try to post up some photos of me wearing these outfits in upcoming posts.

 What do you think of these purchases that I have made and which ones do you like?


2 Replies to “H&M: Outfits for Work”

  1. i like the first dress! I’m sure it will looks amazing on u!

    1. I really like the first dress too. It’s actually a dress that I would never think to buy, but when I tried it on in the fitting room I feel in love with it! lol.

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