OOTD: Forever 21

forever 21 fashion haul ootd

Been looking for a new graphic design job in the Bay Area, but haven’t really looked hard enough. Getting more serious with my searches now however, and have been getting better results! While I’m not job searching, I’m doing other things such as online shopping (yea, I know I shouldn’t be) and playing games. But […]

GAL VIP Magazine

I think this is a great idea. Finally a gyaru magazine for gaijin gyarus! If you haven’t heard of it yet, I’m talking about GAL VIP Magazine. They already have their first issue out for the month of September.  Download the September issues online for free: here (password: galvip109) The magazine is pretty good for a first […]

H&M: Outfits for Work

At H&M I purchased three dresses and a belt recently for work purposes and more semi-formal occasions. In total, I probably spent about $70. But I think all of these dresses are flattering, nice, and worth the price. ~$35 makes me look thin classy but sexy at the same time since the back is semi exposed […]