Tune In Tokyo: Otsukare-Sama Royal/T (TT-TT)/

Finally… photos from the Tune In Tokyo event OTSUKARE-SAMA at Royal/T  for their going away party…

Lots of ultra cute shops, as per usual. And you should know from my last blog post that I bought a new Rilakkuma cell phone case from one of them.. or if you follow me on Twitter/Instagram @xlicious, I posted it there as well!

DDo you recognize the person standing behind the glass window?? I that person was on some TV show with Paris Hilton.. lol random.

This was a really cute shop full of glitter and sparkly signs, I just HAD to take a photo of it.

Here’s the usual Royal/T cafe area. The couple closest to us on the left side is so adorable!

Here are the gogo dancers.. yes, there were GOGO dancers!! WHAT?! So hot!! I seriously couldn’t stop staring at their bodies all night long and wishing that I had their boob-age. So jelly 

Me and Grace at the event.. Not my favorite photos.. But I’ll share them with you anyhow.

This was my outfit before the event. I had something else that I wanted to wear, but my boyfriend thought it was too revealing!! lol, it was so much sexier tho! 

Lastly, I leave you with some silly photos that Grace and I took.

Hope you enjoyed my photos! If you want to see more from the event, I would suggest checking out TaTa, Ben Chan, or Mochi Bytes’ photo album on Facebook.

Thanks for reading!

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