My Purple Ombre Hair and “Nipple/Boob” Nails

purple hair dye color asian gyaru long hair ombre

Hello! Today’s post consists of lots of photos taken from my phone.

If you follow me on Instagram @xlicious, you will probably recognize some of these photos, but these are the original unedited ones!

purple hair dye color asian gyaru long hair ombre

I realized that I never posted photos of my purple hair on my blog, so I guess I might as well show you now, lol. Let me show you from the beginning of when it was first dyed to semi recently. What I did was a sort of ombre purple hair, with lighter ashy purple on top and deep purple on the bottom. Although there are some much brighter sections underneath since my under hair layers are bleached platinum blonde!

purple hair dye color asian gyaru long hair ombre

Do you like this color? I think it’s really pretty and I miss the color so much!! Currently as I type this, much of the color has already faded.

purple hair dye color asian gyaru long hair ombre

This is my outfit that I wore to my best friend’s birthday party at Lock & Key in Korea Town.

Top: Foreign Exchange
Skirt: eBay ~$15
Necklace: Target
Shoes: Aerosoles
Purse: Chanel

… and lots of camera whoring photos of me!! Haha so much…

purple hair dye color asian gyaru long hair ombre

Maybe too much, huh? Oh well, it’s my blog so I can do whatever I want to.

purple hair dye color asian gyaru long hair ombre

Once again, another outfit that I wore for another friend’s birthday party at Busby’s East in Los Angeles.

Top: Forever 21
Jacket: Forever 21
Belt: D.I.A.
Necklace: Forever 21
Purse: Chanel
Jeans: Cult
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Photos of me camera whoring inside of a photo booth at Busbys.

purple hair dye color asian gyaru long hair ombre

As you can see the purple at the top of my head has faded a lot and now shows more of my light brown.

purple hair dye color asian gyaru long hair ombre

Okay, enough of my purple hair that I love so much!! Now I’ll show you my nails that I did on myself.

gyaru nail art design

Yea, so I’m no nail expert sadly. I really wish to take classes one day though because I would love to do some amazing nail art!!

gyaru nail art design

Lol, aren’t those little black blobs so ugly?? I think it really kills the nail design, but of course if people ask, I’ll just tell them it adds character! Haha.

gyaru nail art design

To be honest, the black blobs were totally an accident and I just went with it. Ahh and the white circles with blue 3d balls remind me of boobs and nipples!! .. uhhh I guess it works for Breast Cancer Awareness Month lololol~

gyaru nail art design

Okay, I’m going to leave you guys with a photo of me and my purple hair since I’m not so proud of this nail design, but I love the hair. Any suggestions on other colors I should try?? I want to rainbow-fy my hair! But I’m so lazy…

purple hair dye color asian gyaru long hair ombre

Anyways, sorry for this sort of half a**ed blog post! It’s not really anything much but I knew I should post something this week.

If you didn’t win this time, don’t worry because I have another awesome giveaway coming next week!

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Thanks for reading, and
have a great weekend for me!
xoxo Sarah

18 Replies to “My Purple Ombre Hair and “Nipple/Boob” Nails”

    1. Thanks so much!

  1. LOVE the hair color :3 What about pink next :3? Haha blue nipples 😀

    1. Yes I am leaning towards pink next! And thanks ;D

    1. Thank you Marisa!

  2. Indeed, purple is great on you..I wanna try it too!

    1. You should try it! Its so much fun having colored hair and you feel stylish without trying hard to be.

    1. THANKS 😀

  3. Your outfits are both super cute, especially the 2nd one! I love how edgy it is… I’m absolutely obsessed with your nails! They are so different…not something you see everyday. Love em. 🙂

    xo, Sarah
    Hustla, baby.

    1. aww thank you for all of your really sweet comments. you’ve made my day, sarah!

  4. pastel pink next!!

    1. haha i dont think i can get pastel unless its on my bleached hair, but i’ll try pink! 😀

  5. Hi Sarah… Long time no see 🙂 It’s Steph from Sopi. I just totally bumped into your blog by accident (saw your review on yelp). Your blog is so cute! How have you been? I see that you’re married now… Congrats!! We should have lunch or something soon 🙂

    1. omg what a pleasant surprise!! i’d love for us to hang out sometime. don’t we live near each other now (SFV)?? lets hang out!! yay~ btw i can’t find your FB! I just looked for it :C

      1. Yes I live in SFV now! I deleted my FB a long long time ago lol I don’t use it anymore. Email me and we’ll talk details for lunch? 🙂

        1. Yes ill email you! Cant wait for lunch!

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