Geo Lotus Brown Xtra Flower Series Circle Lens Review

geo xtra flower series brown circle lens review

Hi Everyone! 

Today I’ll be posting a circle lens review. I’m excited because:

  1. It’s my first time working with Eye Want Lenses, and
  2. This is my current favorite circle lens of all time!!

Eye Want Lenses is a new circle lens website based in Australia. Currently most of the brand lens that they carry are GEO, but they are expanding! Also, you don’t have to worry about whether or not your lens are authentic — all of their GEO lens come with authenticity stickers that contain a unique code which can be verified by GEO Medical’s official website. One thing you should know though, is that in stock lenses are only available in “plano,” so if you need prescription lenses you must order towards the next batch.  In comparison to competitor sites, I find that Eye Want Lenses is cheaper while still maintaining their professionalism and customer service. I highly recommend!

Ok, now let’s begin the review.

geo xtra flower series brown circle lens review

Thank you Eye Want for sponsoring me the Geo Lotus Brown Circle Lens (~$20) for reviewing purposes. This post has not been influenced in anyway and all opinions are my own.


All of this was wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in a bubble lined envelope. Also for the first time ever, I received an instruction sheet for the circle lens. I’m actually surprised that other circle lens websites don’t supply these!

I also really like that the lens case it comes with is clear. When you have a collection of circle lens, I find that this is much more practical than those really cute animal cases.

geo xtra flower series brown circle lens review


The GEO Lotus circle lens comes in 5 different colors: Brown, Grey, Violet, Blue, and Green

Origin: Korea
Color: Brown
Water Content: 38-42%
Diameter: 15.00mm
Life Span: 1 Year*

*Personally, I don’t recommend keeping any circle lens for more than 3-4 months


The design of this lens is gorgeous! I love when circle lens have black rims because it really makes your eyes pop and it looks amazing with super black eyeliner. The overall pattern of this lens looks just like the name, a lotus flower. It is made up of dozens of “flower petals.” The outer petals alternate from half-tone black to clear petals, and moving inwards we have half-tone brown pigments scattered around the design.

geo xtra flower series brown circle lens review


What I really love is that this is not your typical brown colored circle lens. In my circle lens review for GEO Starmish Brown, I wrote about how there are two types of brown lens, the “natural brown eyed look VS. the look at my super brown eyed look.” However, I feel that this particular lens may not fit well in either of those two types. Instead the GEO Lotus feels like a hybrid, it looks natural but it’s also eye catching since it looks a bit more grey than brown! For those who love the halo effect, you’ll probably love this even more since it’s somewhat similar. The pattern reminds me of cathedral stained glass windows, truly a perfect design for the “window to our souls.”

geo xtra flower series brown circle lens review

Besides these random close up shots of my eyes at different angles, here’s my eyes in different lightings. The GEO Lotus lens really look great in any type of lighting. I feel that circle lens design has come a long way and does a great job with blending with my natural eye color. A lot of circle lens no matter how “natural” they look, won’t look natural under harsh lighting, but this one passes the test!

geo xtra flower series brown circle lens review

Now a few camera whoring photos for you. I’m wearing the lens in these photos, but of course you can’t really tell~ haha. But trust, they look amazing in person.

geo xtra flower series brown circle lens review

Geo Lotus Brown Xtra Flower Series Overall Rating: ★★★★★
Color:  ★★★★★
Enlargement: ★★★★★
Comfort: ★★★★★
Natural-ness: ★★ 

What do you think about these circle lens?

geo xtra flower series brown circle lens review

And this concludes my circle lens review!
Also, if you want to order lens from Eye Want,
receive 20% off using discount code “20OFF”!

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