Hair Trend: Splashlights

splashlights new hair trend fall 2013 ombre

Oh my! We sure are approaching the last couple of months in 2013 fairly quick. It feels like it was just summer a couple of weeks ago, but now the weather is starting to look a lot less warm here in California. In fact, it was raining yesterday!

It blows my mind that Halloween is almost here, and before we know it, it’ll be Thanksgiving & Black Friday, then Christmas & New Years Eve… By then, I would have had to write another blog post reviewing my past resolutions and new ones!

Sheesh, can time please slow down so I can catch up? I mean, I haven’t even updated my wardrobe for the Fall! I’m still a season behind, lol.



Alright, I’m not really here to rant on and on about how time is flying, but rather to make mention of the latest hair dying trend for Fall 2013.

splashlights new hair trend fall 2013 ombre

We’ve all seen ombre hair so much that it no longer turns heads. However, have you ever heard of the new trend Splashlights?

What exactly is Splashlights?
Splashlights look like a halo around your head. It is meant to resemble how natural lighting falls on hair to create a gradation of dark-light-dark.

splashlights new hair trend fall 2013 ombre

High Contrast VS. Low Contrast Splashlights

Currently, splashlights is most popularly created with high contrast colors, such as bleached blonde splashlights on top of medium-dark brown, or even black hair.

As this trend becomes more popular, I imagine that we will see a large increase in those who prefer to sport low contrast colors. An example of low contrast splashlights would be dark brown hair with medium brown splashlights, and a subtle gradation between the colors.

Usually when a new trend first starts out, we see the extremes from those who want to make a statement and be different, and those who don’t. Once the trend goes mainstream, those who like it find a way for the trend to fit into their everyday lifestyle, thus resulting in a “toned down” version. On the contrary, we can most likely expect to also see those who will experiment by using colors such as pinks, purples, and blues to create even more unique splashlights.

splashlights new hair trend fall 2013 ombre

How to do Splashlights the right way!

Yes, there really is a right and a wrong. If you refer back to my definition of what Splashlights is (above in this post), you will remember that the purpose is for it to look as if natural light is shining on your hair.

4 Simple Splashlight Rules:

  1. It’s okay to have more than one splashlight “halo” around your head, but having just one is the iconic look.
  2. The splashlight shouldn’t be perfectly horizontal around your hair, but rather diagonal, similar to an A-line hair cut.
  3. Placement of the splashlight is important. Depending on the length of your hair, avoid going too high or too low. Ideally it should be placed near your jawline.
  4. You don’t want the splashlight to be a perfect diagonal line, but to be somewhat jagged to look more natural. Other than that, gradation is ideal but not necessary.

Here are some more photos of splashlights that I found from searching google images. There really aren’t too many photos since this trend is so new, so these are the most popular ones that have been circulating the internet.

splashlights new hair trend fall 2013 ombre

The top 4 photos follow my 4 Simple Splashlight Rules, and I think they look great!

While the bottom 4 photos are not as ideal. I wouldn’t recommend dying your hair like that unless you are going for something bold. I believe you can still get bold from the above photos though.

splashlights new hair trend fall 2013 ombre

Do you like the new Splashlights hair trend? Would you do it?

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8 Replies to “Hair Trend: Splashlights”

  1. I have seen this maybe upcoming trend before,
    I gotta say, its pretty cool c:

    1. it is cool~ i am curious to see what people will do with it to make it their own style.

  2. I think the curled one looks pretty awesome! *A*

    1. yea im not even sure if the curled one is splashlights lol~ but if it is, it looks very nice to have it subtle

  3. OMG! THIS TREND IS SO COOL!!!!! I really want to do it now.. but since it’s so new gonna be hard finding a stylist that knows how to do it. T_T Thanks for sharing!!

    1. ahhh isn’t it cool?? i would totally try it out since its so new and interesting.. but omg when i tried to do ombre when that first came out, my hair was such a mess because my stylist had no idea what she was doing. she made the fade too close to my roots and it looked like i just didnt dye my hair for a while and i had roots growing out. haha so unattractive. you really need to find someone who knows what they are doing.

  4. Wow, its very different but I really like it!! I am not sure I would take the risk on my own hair, but I would definitely applaud other girls who do! Verrrrryyyyy bad ass!!! LOL

    Rica xx

    1. haha yea i totally agree with you. i have yet to even do ombre hair!

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