Givenchy Photo’Perfexion Foundation Review

Just last week I ran out of my primary liquid foundation. I did some research and ended up purchasing Givenchy Photo’Perfexion in the shade Perfect Gold from Sephora for about ~$50.

The foundation comes in a shiny fancy box. It’s imported from Europe (no wonder it’s so expensive)! You can tell from the packaging alone how nice this foundation is.

Now check out how nice the Givenchy foundation container is.

Isn’t the cap for it just gorgeous? So pretty that I don’t want to use it! lol 

The cap for the foundation comes off very easily. No hassle with trying to unscrew it or anything, you just yank it off and pop it back on when your finished. The nozzle to dispense the foundation is a convient push pump. There is no other design that I can think of that is a better one than this for a liquid foundation bottle.

What really led me to buy this product was that it has SPF 20 – PA+++, medium-full coverage, and looks natural. As of late, I have felt a real need to try to protect my skin from sun damage. An obvious and easy change for me to is switch to a foundation that has SPF already in it! Also, for everyday work make up, I don’t want to have to use too many products to get my desired coverage to feel comfortable going out. I like only having to use one product alone, and the Givenchy foundation allows me to do just that! A big factor for whether or not I like a product is if you can tell that I am wearing it… I’m proud to say that the Givenchy foundation has that covered as well.

Here is a true before and after photo (no photoshop at all, I swear!!). You can see all of my nasty skin imperfections on the left side of the photo. On the left is my freshly washed face with a little bit of my Clinique moisturizer. On the right is my face with the foundation evenly applied all around, once! I am not wearing anything in addition to the Givenchy foundation… no concealer, no powder foundation, nothing, just a little bit of the foundation. I would say that the coverage is just a little bit more than medium. If you want full coverage, you can simply dab some extra foundation where it is needed.

Givenchy Photo’Perfexion Liquid Foundation in Perfect Gold Rating: ★★★★★

  • absolutely amazing foundation.. definitely better than the HD Forever liquid foundation
  • expensive for such a little amount of awesomeness (it’s only 0.8 oz)
  • easy to obtain
  • beautiful packaging – using this product makes me feel rich, lol
  • the foundation is really smooth, creamy, velvety… providing a flawless finish
  • medium to full coverage with minimal effort!
  • absolutely no drying of the skin
  • does not cake.. in fact you can’t even see the make up.. it makes your skin look like it’s naturally perfect
  • doesn’t make my face oily! wow!
  • has SPF 20~ major bonus. it doesn’t even feel remotely close to sunblock nastiness
  • lasts all day long
  • weightless – I can’t tell that I’m wearing anything


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