Happy Hour & Dodgers Day on the House!

DAY 1: This was a good week at work. On Tuesday after a long company wide meeting, we had happy hour at Rush Street in Culver City, CA. Upon arrival at our usual happy hour spot, we received wristbands allowing us to order anything we want (alcoholic drinks included!!) on the company tab. Too bad I don’t have any photos from happy hour since we were all too busy eating and drinking 

DAY 2: My company brought us all to the LA Dodgers vs. AZ Diamondbacks Baseball Game! This was my first time going to a baseball game, so I was pretty excited 

Our company provided two charter bus transportations to and from the Dodger Stadium… and you know what that means… PARTY BUS! The buses actually allowed us to bring alcohol onboard as long as we didn’t carry on any glass bottles. Here is me and Hayley outside of the bus waiting to board. (don’t mind my messy wind blown hair, lol)

Drinking in the bus on our way over to the stadium~

After we arrived at the stadium, we all walked together from the bus to the entrance…

Once we got in, we all ran over to get our free food. Our company paid for the All You Can Eat seating area!

I got a hotdog, peanuts, cheese nachos, and a drink. Yum yum~!

The rest of the company sitting around not really paying attention to the game.

I think mostly everyone who attended chose to socialize and drink beer instead of paying any attention to the game.

I must admit though, the field is very pretty!

Here is a photo of my whole company that attended.. you can’t find me because I’m too far in the back 🙁

This was a good start to all of the August month festivities! See you again soon~


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