DiorSkin Forever Flawless Perfection Wear Makeup Liquid Foundation Review

The last foundation that I used was Givenchy Photo’Perfexion, read my review for that here. That ran out after about 4 months of almost daily usage.

But now, I have a new foundation! Today I am going to review the DiorSkin Forever Flawless Perfection Wear Makeup. I got it for about ~$50 from Sephora.

I bought the foundation in the shade peach 023. This color matches my skin perfectly! I’ve never had a foundation that matched so well. The DiorSkin Forever foundation comes in 12 different shades. I don’t think it has a shade for everyone, but if you are medium to fair, they probably have your color. They have lots of colors with different undertones to help really match your skin. My shade is sort of a peachy beige color with a peach undertone.

Here is the foundation in relation to the box. It’s not that much smaller. I would say that this is a good amount of foundation in a bottle. DiorSkin is 30ml, while Givenchy is only 25ml. The prices are relatively the same as well.

wp-monalisa icon the packaging of the DiorSkin Forever foundation. The bottle looks so soft… which is actually quite like how I think of their actual foundation. I’ll explain more on that below.

One thing that I noticed about high end make up brands is that they like to have fancy caps. I couldn’t capture the CD in just one photo, so I had to create a gif for it. In certain angles, the CD appears or disappears. Sort of a nice touch.

Super shiny chrome foundation pump dispenser. One thing to note is that the cap is not square shaped, but almost is. It’s slightly annoying when I’m in a rush and I want to cap my foundation but I have it on the wrong way and I have to turn it so that it fits correctly. Haha, not a big deal, but just felt like noting it.

Alright.. so this second gif was on accident. But I guess it works… lol. Just pretend that I am illustrating that you have to push down on pump to dispense the foundation.

Now for the before and after shots of me wearing the DiorSkin Forever on my face. You are looking at a blown up photo of my cheeks.

In the before, I am wearing nothing but moisturizer. Haha, I guess it’s not so surprising that I’m not wearing anything since there are SOOO many spots! OMG! Yes, I used to not wear sunblock on my face, ever. But I just recently started to in June of 2012.

As you can see, in the after photo, much of the spots are a lot lighter and my skin appears to be more even toned. Although the skin colors may look slightly different, this is a perfect skin color match for me. If anything, it’s just my inaccurate iPhone quality photo.

For my cheek area, I only used half a pump of foundation, which is equal to one layer or coat of foundation over my skin. Obviously, I can add a second coat and the coverage would be about ~25% better. In addition, I could use a concealer before and foundation powder after if I wanted to achieve flawless skin (Read my blog post on how I get flawless skin here).

Have dry skin? Read below… if not, skip to the next paragraph.

Some thing very important that I must note is that… if you have dry skin, this product may not be for you. I used to have a problem with random areas on my face that were dry and flakey. I was able to eliminate that problem by using my Olay night cream at night, and my Clinique moisturizer in the morning (read my review on these moisturizers here). In addition, I am currently trying to use a moisturizing face mask twice a week. My face has dramatically improved! Now back to my original train of thoughts — When I first used the DiorSkin Forever foundation, my skin was still a bit dry and I hated this product. It made my already horrible dry skin problem even MORE visible. The only solution to this is to use a very very good moisturizer right before you apply the foundation. This is a problem that I did not have with my Givenchy foundation!!!

Now on the other hand… if your skin is not dry, or if your face has been throughly moisturized…

It’s awesome! Well for the most part. You really really cannot tell that you are wearing any foundation. The foundation goes on so silky smooth and blends in so well that it looks like you aren’t wearing anything! This has got to be the most natural foundation that I have ever tried. Remember how I was talking about how the packaging is fitting for this product? The packaging looks so soft and it reminds me of how this foundation is because when you apply it on your face, it gives you a sort of soft airbrushed look.

This foundation coverage is medium, but it is build-able. I always like to use my fingers to apply my foundation. I’m a hands on type of girl, lol! I find that if I want heavy coverage, I can just dab the foundation outwards on my face very quickly and lightly. This helps me get the best amount of coverage and control when applying. But you would only apply it this way after you have smoothed on your first layer.

Another thing to note is that it totally fills in your pores. I’m not sure that this is a good thing, but it helps create an illusion of “good skin” and also doesn’t clog my pores or give me acne afterwards!


DiorSkin Forever Flawless Perfection Wear Makeup Rating: ★★★★☆ (dry skin)/★★★★★ (normal skin)

  • So my rating is a little weird for this product, it really does deserve 5 stars, but I can’t get over how horrible the product is if you have dry skin
  • You must use a moisturizer before applying the foundation for awesome results
  • A beautiful and luxuriously packaged foundation
  • Lasts all day long with medium build-able coverage
  • Ultra-smooth, flawless finish
  • It’s weightless and looks very natural
  • Some how makes your skin look very healthy and fills in your lines, pores, and imperfections giving you “good skin”
  • Doesn’t clog your pores or give you acne
  • I would recommend that you give it a try, it’s definitely a great foundation if it works for your skin

8 Replies to “DiorSkin Forever Flawless Perfection Wear Makeup Liquid Foundation Review”

  1. Wow! Great review! Cool gifs too. Really cool to see fancy caps. 🙂
    Nice coverage too. Must try! 🙂

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    ❤ ~Chai

    1. hahaha yea fancy caps. lollll~ thanks for the support chai!! <3

  2. I love this foundation!! it just feel so good on my skin but i rarely use it now during this dry time

    1. yes its a super great foundation.. i’d imagine that its amazing during the summer when i’m more oily. haha.

  3. I got a sample tube of this one, I also really like it! It gives my skin a flawless and not a cakey finish ^^

    1. i totally agree! thats why i like this foundation. it looks really natural like its my real skin!! thats the best! >:D

  4. Hi Lovely ~ Thanks so much for the comment on my blog! I wanted to follow you but I have no freakin idea how to follow via bloglovin – I’m a damn rookie can you tel?! LoL … I’m gonna save your blog anyway and will subscribe to notify me of new posts … I’m loving your blog so cute!! Love xoxo

    1. aww thanks so much elrese! you can follow via bloglovin on my right side column under “follow me”. just click on the circle icon that has a + sign on it. i dont have gfc~

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