MAC Studio Fix Concealer SPF 35 Broad Spectrum SPF 35 Review

My old MAC concealer ran out a while back, so I decided to buy a new one.

A long time ago when I first decided to buy my MAC concealer, I was actually supposed to buy the one that I’m reviewing right now, but I ended up getting what I used to have because it’s supposed to look more natural.

The one that I’m review, MAC Studio Fix Concealer is supposed to have excellent coverup, but is a little on the heavier side and can look a bit caked.

Originally, the reason why I wanted to buy this was because I read in a japanese magazine a comparison of all the most popular concealers that gyarus use and the MAC Studio Fix Concealer came in 1st place while Bobbi Brown’s concealer came closely behind in 2nd place.

Anyways~ I got this from my local mall for $18. My old concealer that I had was NW20 I think?? Which didn’t really match my skin color well.

But this time, I got a color that really works well with covering up my acne scars and redness. The shade NC30 matches me perfectly!!

I believe that this product comes in 15 different shades? So I’m sure there should be a shade that matches your skin perfectly.

The concealer comes in a little pot that has a lid thats attached. It sort of reminds me of eyeshadow or lipgloss of some sort. The quality of the packaging is good, considering that it’s made of plastic. It feels very sturdy, and its also small enough to carry around in your purse. I like that the lid isn’t a twist off because I hate the effort and misplacing lids when you are in a rush.

You probably should use a sponge to apply this foundation, but I’m a hands on kind of girl. I like to get my fingers dirty and literally “face paint.”

The consistency of the concealer feels dry and pasty, but when you get the tip of your finger all up in there and swirl it around, it seems that the heat from your body warms up the concealer and turns it into a smooth paste.

Once you get some on your finger tip, press gently over the spot on your face that you would like to cover up and continue to pat outward blending the color with your skin.

An important thing to note with this concealer is that it dries super quickly. Unlike my old MAC concealer which took longer to blend into your skin, the Studio Fix Concealer needs to be blended in ASAP.

Lets do a test on my crooked tattoo, some red spots, brown (sun) spots, and darker mole/bruise like spots.

As you can see the tattoo doesn’t really cover all that well, but it is dramatically lighter. The red and brown are nearly invisible, while the darker mole like area is a tiny bit visible.

Btw, please ignore the skin indentations that go across my wrist towards the bottom of the photo. I was wearing two hair ties before performing this test, so it kinda effects how the results look. Haha, sorry about that.

Here’s a before and after on my cheek. I’m not sure why (I think its stress), but for the last few months I’ve been having some acne problems. Now that I’ve decided to make some changes to my life going forward, my acne has subsided. I do have some here and there, but overall it’s mostly under control.

The new problem that I have now are acne scars! Ugh, just look at that, gross. The left side is my face with foundation, the right side is my face with foundation + concealer.

This concealer may not look like it does much based off of the photo below, but trust me, it works magic. The photo just doesn’t look so good because its zoomed in. If you stood infront of me and looked at my face, before and after, you will notice a dramatic difference. My face actually looks pretty spotless and not over done either.

MAC Studio Fix Concealer SPF 35 Broad Spectrum SPF 35 (NC30) Rating: ★★★★★

  • great concealer – covers up red spots as well as lighter brown spots, not as good on moles or spots too dark
  • doesn’t make your skin look dry, unless your skin is flaking then it can’t be helped
  • affordable price
  • great size, very portable
  • quick on the go concealer, easy to use and master
  • dries super quickly, so you need to blend fast
  • really makes a difference and adds a lot to my foundation routine

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12 Replies to “MAC Studio Fix Concealer SPF 35 Broad Spectrum SPF 35 Review”

  1. I need a new concealer soon! So thanks for the review on this 🙂 Probably will grab this one soon!

    1. Thanks! Yea check it out 🙂

  2. great coverage!! *_* thanks for the review! >u<

    1. Np! Thanks for commenting 🙂

  3. It looks really good <3 love the end result too. Gyarus love Mac makeup and I really need new concealer so I might give this one a try. Thank you for the review :3

    1. I think this concealer is perfect for gyaru. U should check it out for sure!!

  4. Ohhhh seems like it has a nice and pretty coverage. 🙂 Really cool! I ain’t really much a MAC user but I’m seeing lots of good reviews. 🙂

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    1. The coverage is pretty great and so is the price. Not sure how much MAC products cost in other countries, but if it’s reasonable u should try it! 😀

  5. Oh this products looks really nice is some expensive to me. I prefer use drugstores concealer. But is why I doon´t have to much for cover. Or simple I use a BB Cream with a heavy coberture

    Many thanks for the review

    1. I’ve actually never used a drugstore concealer that I can think of… Maybe just a foundation stick. Any recommendations?

  6. Hi, you bought it for $18? May i know where you bought it? 🙂

    1. got it from the MAC store in one of the malls in california. not sure how much it would cost if you get it in another country.

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