Anime Expo (Part 2 of 3)

Hello Gals! 

I promised that I would post two more parts for Anime Expo,
so here’s part 2!

Today we will look at some things that I bought,
and the gyaru shops that came to LA~

Inside the convention exhibit hall, it was a mass chaos of shops and people.

Since I didn’t have a map, I had no clue where the gyaru shops were!
I had to ask someone to borrow theirs to look up which row they were in.

Here’s the TRALALA, Liz Lisa, and Liz Lisa Doll booth. They had a HUGE selection!!

Also, here’s of the the shop workers for Liz Lisa~ Isn’t she so cute?
This photo doesn’t do her much justice, but she’s godlike in person, lol.

Close up of her skeleton hand hair pin and a blurred photo of her boots.

These are flyers that I got from the shop!

Right across from Liz Lisa was GOLDS InfinityMa*rs, and GLAViL

Here’s another shop worker for GLAViL. Cute~

And here are my purchases from GOLDS Infinity!!!

Halter top $20

Shirt with choker necklace $35

Dress $49

Other than shopping, my other favorite spot at AX was the gaming area!!

Crazy Super Smash area…

Tons of PC gaming, all for free, haha!

Oh and in the arcade section, we discovered this game, I love it!
Flash Beats. I want to buy this machine.

Alright thats it!!
I’ll see  you in my next post with all of my cosplay photos.

wp-monalisa icon Whats your favorite gyaru shop? Did you buy anything?

Next post: Anime Expo 2013 (part 3)

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