Anime Expo (Part 3 of 3)

Happy Thursday! 

Today is the last post that I’ll make for Anime Expo.
This post will contain photos from my cosplays!!

Another thanks and shout out to
for sponsoring my cosplay lens!


Okay, first we will start with my Friday cosplay…
NAOE KANETSUGU from Samurai Girls!

So here’s the results!!
It took me less than a month to create this cosplay…

The hammer was really hard to make,
so I made a different version of it.

Also, I made the bells for her hair,
but thought it would be annoying to wear at convention so I left it at home.

It was my first time cosplaying, EVER!
I had no clue what it was like…

But all I know is that I spent a lot of time creating this cosplay,
and I was very curious to see what people thought of it!

I guess people liked it!

There were 3 of us in our Samurai Girls group.
My friend Allison as Gisen Yagyu, and Juliee as Sen Tokugawa.

One thing crazy that I noticed when you cosplay is that…
It’s impossible to get from point A to point B!

If you stop for one photo, you have to be prepared to take dozens more…

I loved that Anime Expo had these background setups to take photos with.
This prop area works so well with our cosplay!

So whenever I take photos, I can’t help but either smile and laugh ridiculously,
or squint my eyes in attempt to look serious.

I wish someone told me how weird I looked in most of my photos!!!

Anyways, I really enjoyed cosplaying as Naoe Kanetsugu.
Although I don’t really like the anime, she was a fun cosplay to make.
Oh, but that hammer! I was sore the next day.

I’m not sure what to do with this cosplay now…
My giant hammer is sitting in my living room still.
Haha, maybe I’ll cosplay her again one day in the future.


Moving on to Saturday, I cosplayed as
SAILOR VENUS from Sailor Moon!

I’m not gonna even post a photo of what Sailor Venus is supposed to look like,
because you should already know!! And shame on you if you don’t.

I’m so grateful that I didn’t make this Sailor outfit.
We got these from Christine’s work, Cosplay House.
The quality was awesome, might I add?

The staff that Sailor Moon (Allison) is holding was specially made
for our cosplay by Cosplay House as well!

I bought my orange shoes at the mall near my house.
It took forever for me to find the right pair that fit!!!

The only part of this cosplay that I made were the bands that go around my ankles ^^

Yes, that’s right… We had a Sailor Saturn in our crew!

I have no clue what we are doing here… filming something with miss unicorn girl??

Oh and of course, Tuxedo Mask found us and gave our Sailor Moon a real rose!

Isn’t this so siickkkk??? Definitely one of my favorites!

We did a interview with, Watch Otaku Time.
If you click their name above, it will take you to the video (view 3:35 minute mark).

Since there were so many of us in our group,
it was hard taking photo shoot pictures with everyone around!

Here’s some of what we did manage it take…

Lol, this pose is so unflattering..
But it was an imitation of some other famous pose.. not sure which.

I was scrolling through our photos and I saw this string of images,
I just had to make it into a gif!

What do you think of my cosplays? Have you ever cosplayed before?

Oh yea.. here’s a few places that I found our photos online!
Vato (8 photos – scroll through)
The Chatroom Image 1 & Image 2
(full blog post)

Next post: Very special personal post

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Thanks for reading!
xoxo Sarah


14 Replies to “Anime Expo (Part 3 of 3)”

  1. We are such badasses!!! Lets do another group 😀 !!

    1. Yea! We did such a great job. Haha idk if I wanna make one tho.

  2. Omg you look so cute in your costumes!!! So proooo *____*

    I’m so sad I didn’t get to see you! I don’t know if you saw my message on Kakao, but I ended up only going for an hour of so and it was so chaotic! I couldn’t find anythinggg LOL! I was looking for something in the dealers room and passed by all the gal stuff in a flash, but there was so much clothing and stuff!

    1. Ahhh! No I didnt see ur msg T-T; oh wow but only one hour! I hope u got to see everything you needed to see. I’m just happy that I bought a few items from golds infinity! Sorry we didnt meet up. I would have loved to meet you <3

  3. Love it!!! 😀 You are so cute as Sailor Venus!

    1. thanks <3333

  4. you all look GORGEOUS! i wanna go next year!!

    1. omg yes you should totally come next year!! 😀

  5. Your costumes turned out AMAZING!!! You look so cute :)))))))) Haha def inspires me to cosplay more too! Looks like a blast. I wanna go anime expo one day looks amazing 🙂

    1. let me know if you do go and we can try to meet up! or even do a cosplay together 😉

  6. Hey love! Just nominated your pretty little face for the Versatile Blogger Award. 😉 You’re just awesome at what you do.

    1. THANKS ALLISON! you really are spoiling me~ hehehe <3

      1. LOL. And since when was that a bad thing?! 😉

        1. hahaha ok ok you got me~ i guess its ok to be a little spoiled. although i do that to myself on the regular, lol.

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