6 Tips On Picking The Perfect Wedding Theme…. and also my personal pick with photos!

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If you’ve read my first post in my new Wedding Blog Series, you would know that I do not have a vision or dream for my once in a life time wedding.

When I first started planning, I started by looking at thousands of wedding ideas. I realized that almost all of them were beautiful, and that’s where I ran into problems. If you start planning without a theme, you’ll get way too overloaded.

What I’ve learned is that you need to know your wedding theme before you start planning anything! When I say theme, no I don’t mean that it has to be a full on birthday party theme such as a Game of Thrones Wedding (although that would be pretty sweet, lol). You should have some sort of idea such as rustic, vintage, etc. But if you don’t even know if you want any of those, simply knowing whether you want it to feel “timeless” or “modern” is enough to get started.

Think about it — if you know what “theme” or “feel” you want for your wedding, you’ve already narrowed down at least 75% of the millions of wedding ideas that exist on Pinterest!

6 Tips On Picking The Perfect Wedding Theme:

  • What hobbies do you and your man have in common? Maybe the both of you are history majors and want to have your wedding at a local museum. (hint: lots of museums offer tax right offs for hosting your event there)
  • Is there a special place that you first met, or frequently go on dates at? If you guys love going to carnivals together, consider having your wedding outdoors at a park with beautiful elements that you love from the carnival.
  • Do either of you have religious wedding obligations? Some catholics require that you marry inside of a church. This makes planning a lot easier as you only need to focus on the wedding reception.
  • You might want to consider your budget when picking a theme. Some themes definitely cost a lot more, while others can be very affordable. Rustic and vintage style weddings are widely popular nowadays as it welcomes DIYs, visits to yard sales, and even using items that you already have at home!
  • If none of the above fit you, simply browse wedding themes and pick your favorite! There are endless amounts of ideas that you can choose from. Get creative and do some brainstorming with your significant other.
  • And for those who don’t want to pick any theme or plan anything at all… You may want to consider having a destination wedding. Your theme is literally the destination!

Let me share with you the wedding themes that I considered and what I’ve picked!

My first thought was that Erick and I love fish. Back in college we shared a hobby in fresh water and salt water fish. Eventually after college we became open water scuba diving certified. So I thought, we should have a beach themed wedding! But honestly, I don’t love the beach because the wind always makes my hair nasty and I have bad memories of getting sand in my mouth.


Haha, so my next thought was that we should have our wedding at an Aquarium. I actually looked into having a wedding at a couple of different aquarium locations but realized after looking at other aquarium weddings photos, I didn’t like the look of it at all. I hated that it felt enclosed being in a room or exhibit hall. Also, photos really don’t turn out well when you are surrounded by glass and dim lighting. Have you ever tried getting good photos inside of an aquarium? It’s nearly impossible!


I also briefly wanted to have a Steampunk wedding, but that idea quickly fled as I realized that neither of us even dressed steampunk at all. I just loved the idea of it and how it looks, however, it doesn’t really tell true to who we are in real life.


At another point, I also really really wanted a Game of Thrones themed wedding. I was sort of in love that that super elegant victorian look. It’s both classy and I get to feel like a royal princess, lol! Of course this is all way too over the top for me. But the main thing that I wanted most was a crown and to be cloaked like how Tyrion cloaks Sansa. I want to be cloaked, I want to be cloaked (still)!!


In the end, I decided that I wanted to go with a wedding theme that our guests would understand. Something I realized is that not everyone has seen Game of Thrones, or knows what steampunk is (yes, I know, shocking isn’t it?). So to help keep everyone in the loop, I decided to go for something timeless and classy.

I decided in the end that my theme would be Shanghai 1930’s. This theme is actually quite easy to do because it follows the fashion of 1930’s but with a slight oriental twist. An excellent example of this is the Chinese movie, Dangerous Liaisons (2012). 

Once you know what theme you want, everything else falls in place! Because I know that my theme is Shanghai 1930’s, obvious possible venues would be Chinese/Japanese gardens, fancy restaurants, or even a rose garden. Picking dresses and wedding colors are also much easier. Make sure you pick your theme before you focus on other little details like center pieces, colors, and gifts.

Now I will leave you with some of my personal collection of images that are inspire my Shanghai 1930’s wedding. Also, feel free to check out my Wedding Pinterest board and follow me!

chinese wedding theme idea shanghai 1930s inspiration chinese wedding theme idea shanghai 1930s inspiration chinese wedding theme idea shanghai 1930s inspiration chinese wedding theme idea shanghai 1930s inspiration chinese wedding theme idea shanghai 1930s inspiration

The last set of photos is actually my best friend Teewa’s cousin’s wedding! Those are my favorites for sure, but I know we don’t have the money to make it that glamourous… Haha, ah well. I’ll do the best I can!

Stay tuned for more wedding posts next week!
Happy eating & shopping.

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    1. Thank you, Dosta! 😀

  1. Awwww! Love it! So excited!

    1. Awww you read my blog vivian! Haha you’re so cute. Thanks <3

  2. I like your steampunk theme, but I think you chose the correct one. Very elegant and romantic :D! Really looking forward to see how it will look like when it comes real :3

    1. Yea, steampunk is awesome, but… way to hard for me since I don’t normally wear it or even cosplay it x) but thank you in agreeing with my choice! I hope it comes out well >.<

    1. so glad that you think its cute, maria! sometimes i worry about my opinions lolll~ im a weirdo in disguise!

  3. I DID NOT GET THIS NEWS. I havent come to visit here in a bit and you are getting married! Congrats 🙂 im def going to show one of my girls this because shes going to be planning real soon too!

    1. LOLLL~ surprise! Hahahaha~ thanks so much, Christina! ooOoo and how exciting for your group of friends >.< I can't wait till it's someone else's turn and not mine =P

  4. Gahhhhh so excited! Imma show my cousin your blog haha

    1. hahaha i hope she doesn’t mind x)

  5. Hi~ Remember me? I got inspired from a cheetah-printed nail tutorial you did! :3 Just thought I’d drop by to do some relaxing and reading<3 This theme is so cute! I'm siked to see your photos of your wedding. Best wishes!

    1. oh of course i remember you! haha still touched that you were inspired from my nail design. thanks for stopping by to read. haha i hope my blog satisfied you ^_____^

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