My Past Year & New Year Goals

new years resolutions 2014

So while I was in church this last past Sunday, this is what I got out of the sermon:

New Years Resolutions are simply a human’s emotional wantings. The more proper term to use instead of resolutions is goals, since it allows for measurable achievements.

That’s why, this year I am renaming my post and I am focusing my resolutions around goals that are obtainable. I read a great blog post just a couple of days ago on Diana’s Blog, Manhattan Image & Style on How To Start 2014 With The Right Attitude. She gives 7 suggestions on how to either better your resolutions or some resolutions you should consider having on your list. It’s a good and practical read. I’m going to try my best to incorporate her points into my goals for 2014 as well.



But first, let’s have a quick look at what my goals were for last year and whether or not I’ve achieved any of them. If you’re interested in reading my post from last year, you can view it here: 10 New Year’s Resolutions For 2013 From A 20-Something Year Old.

I’m going to grade each of my resolutions to show how well I met each or failed: A = Excellent, B = Good, C = Half Way There, D = Needs Improvement, F = Fail

  1. Hug people (A) – Can you believe it? I actually learned how to hug people! I’m quite shocked. As well as most of my friends when I told them that I wanted to hug them, haha~ It was a bit strange the first several months, but we have all gotten used to me hugging now. Currently, I’m working on improving my hugs. Trying to stop doing the awkward one arm hug and do more of a true embrace where you really feel the connection and bond in the hug. I’ve come a long ways with this one, so I think I have done well.
  2. Learn to portion food (C) – I did well while I was working full time and not living with my parents, but the moment I moved back was when the weight gain occurred. My mom’s food is simply too delicious, so it’s hard to know when to stop. Also when I go out I still have a habit of cleaning my plate or telling myself, “just one more bite (100x’s).”
  3. Throw out useless items/stop hoarding (D) – I just took a quick look around my room and it doesn’t look like I’ve made much effort to throw anything out. The things that I’ve ended up throwing out have actually turned out to be stuff that I needed, which is kind of sad. Oh well, better luck this coming year.
  4. Less cold drinks & alcohol, more water & hot tea (B) – I totally forgot about this resolution! But on the upside, I have been drinking more water. I probably drink even more cold drinks than I used to since we have a refrigerator that dispenses ice at my parents. But regarding alcohol consumption, I think that I’ve cut down a lot!! No more daily beer.
  5. Exercise (C) – For about half of the year, I went to the gym weekly. Now that I don’t have access to a gym, my exercise routine has drastically dropped. I still occasionally lift a little weight, do squats, and some yoga. However, I can definitely see a change in my overall body since the holidays have started.
  6. Take a class with the boyfriend (A) – This is probably one of my most successful and expensive resolutions that I’ve completed. I became scuba certified with my boyfriend, who is now actually my fiancee/husband. Read the post about how I Am Officially Scuba Diving Certified.
  7. Volunteer (D) – I haven’t really done any volunteering, except for once this past Halloween at my church’s carnival. I worked at the Tic-Tac-Toe booth. Surprisingly it was an amazing workout! I wish I could have done more this year, hopefully next year will be better!
  8. Get a promotion (B) – When I was working at my agency job as a graphic designer, I worked sooo hard to try to get a promotion, and failed to. In my book though, I consider this as still completing my resolution because I did everything in my power to try to get a promotion. Sadly, no raises or promotions were handed out in my department that year.
  9. Maintain your health (B) – Since I have health insurance now, I have been regularly seeing the doctor. I believe that I am now in good health. In the next upcoming months, I am going to try to get Invisalign!
  10. Church every Sunday (A) – I am proud to say that I have attended church every Sunday that I’ve been in Southern California and will continue to.

My New Goals For 2014
In addition to continuing and better improving my goals from last year,
I’d like to add on 5 more for 2014.

new years resolutions 2014

I want to improve my photography skills on both my blog, Instagram, and daily life. I used to be very conscious of the photos I take, but the last couple of years I’ve been very lazy. I’d like to fix this bad habit.

new years resolutions 2014

My wardrobe is very outdated. Mostly because I either don’t have the time to shop or the money. This past year I’ve made an effort to fix this, and I’d like to take this further.

new years resolutions 2014

There’s so many different hobbies that I would like to take on. However, who can say no to archery! It’s just too much fun and I want to become more serious with this sport. I’m currently saving up to buy my own gear.

new years resolutions 2014

Since I quit my job, I need to find a new source of income. I’ve practically diminished all of my savings since I left my work and now it’s time for me to do something about it. Once my wedding is over, I will have to seriously consider what my next steps are in life. Do I want to continue pursuing freelance jobs, return back to agency life, or start my own business. These are serious questions that I need to face in 2014.

new years resolutions 2014

I am still desperately in need to travel the world. At this point, I don’t even care anymore if it is with my significant other. I am willing to travel alone or with other friends. This is my life and I need to take advantage of the time that I have and get out there.

What are your new years goals???

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Thanks for reading, see you in 2014!
xoxo Sarah

8 Replies to “My Past Year & New Year Goals”

  1. Lovely resolutions!!! I’m glad you managed to stick with most of them the past year 🙂 I wish I could say I reached half of them myself. -_- 2013 must have been a crazy year for you including with the engagement and all. 🙂 How fricken exciting 2014 must be for you! I wish you the best Sarah!! And looking forward to all the new blog posts in the future. 😀

    1. haha yea i really tried to follow through with my resolutions. honestly i forgot about a couple of them. i really should have kept a visible list somewhere, maybe on my bathroom mirror. oh well. lets both do better for 2014!! i can’t wait to see what’s in stored for this year. BRING IT!! >:D

  2. Congratulations on your engagement! How fun and exciting 2014 will be with plans for a wedding.

    1. fun, exciting, and i think maybe a bit hectic! the wedding is starting to feel a bit more real now that it’s this year O.O

    1. thanks so much!! happy new year <3

  3. What an inspiring post, I love your New Year resolutions!! Thank you so much for mentioning me on your post, I am happy to hear you liked my article! 🙂

    Let’s stay in touch! Happy New Year!! <3

    New Blog Post: Ways to Add More Joy to Your Days in 2014

    1. hey Diana! you found my post! haha happy that you approve. happy new year!

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