Easy Romantic Getaways

japanese mountain spa

Every relationship deserves to be pampered a little, but a lot of people put it off because they think it is going to be expensive and take up too much of their time. A romantic getaway doesn’t have to be extravagant or expensive, you don’t even have to leave the city, or even your own home. With a little bit of thought and research, you can easily have a romantic getaway for a night or two on a budget, while feeling like you’re far, far away from your busy lives.

japanese mountain spa

My number one tip if you are really on a budget and just want to have the ideal day together is for both of you to set a day and night aside. Prepare the house the night before to resemble a romantic retreat. Tidy it up before scattering rose petals and setting up a few candles, prepare some romantic treats, get your favorite movie out or plan some sexy activities. It may seem cheesy but if you’re on a budget it can be a really cute activity to do together. No shame in being creative!

japanese mountain spa

Next up, if you can afford a little extra, try getting away in your own city or town. Nearly every city has romantic retreats hidden away, like the Japanese Mountain Retreat, or an inner city spa. While you may not have to travel far, they can take you into another headspace, escaping the world of work and commitments and bringing you to a space of calm, bringing you together as a couple by giving you exactly what you need: time together.

japanese mountain spa

Beyond local getaways, if you really want to splash a bit of cash, take a trip overseas for a week or so to escape the daily grind and bring yourselves back together. Mexico, Fiji, Thailand, Vietnam, Hawaii; all beautiful tropical locations that are designed to be some of the most romantic locations in the world. The beaches of crystal clear water are awaiting the next couple to grace the shores.

A romantic getaway isn’t too far away, it could just be in the next room!

Ivy is a travel writer who loves exploring romantic locations around the world.

6 Replies to “Easy Romantic Getaways”

  1. I love little getaway trips! Great pictures!!


    1. same here~ i can’t wait for this weekend since i’m gonna be in vegas!! woohooo time to parrtaayy~

  2. Beautiful getaway! I love the last picture! 😉


    1. thanks so much!! can’t wait to plan my honeymoon 😀

  3. Ahhh I wish we had such beautiful spas like that here 🙂 I have to travel 8 hours for the nearest hot spring…keke.

    1. omg! 8 hours is so far away. haha you should open up a spa in the future where you live. sounds like a good business since there aren’t many 😉

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