November & December Shopping Buys

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Hello! I’m so sorry I haven’t posted.
But whatever, I am now.

Today, I am showing things that I’ve bought since…
oh my… maybe late October?

Let’s have a look shall we?

opi victorias secret nail supplies

CuteX Advanced Revival Nail Polish Remover $6
OPI Natural Nail Base Coat $6

OPI Top Coat $6
Victorias Secret Runway Angel (Free with Coupon)
Delon+ Cotton Circle Rounds $17
Studio 35 Beauty Professional Nail Clippers $13
Studio 35 Beauty Professional All Purpose File & Smoother $5

Refilled all of my nail supplies! Now I have enough to last me for another half year at least! Also something to note, the Delon+ are the best cotton rounds that I’ve ever used, and the price is awesome because I  buy it in bulk. The last bulk that I got from Amazon was defective (but still worked). I’m happy to say that this new batch that I got was perfect!

manic panic cotton candy pink hair comb

Manic Panic Cotton Candy Pink $11
Conair Styling Essentials Shower Comb $2

The Manic Panic in Cotton Candy Pink doesn’t come out very well on my current hair color. I really wish I bought a different color such as blue. As for the comb that I bought, it was a bit of a spur of the moment kinda purchase. I’m really quite happy that I bought it though because it makes combing wet hair a breeze!

agnest lancome clarins

Clarins Sunscreen Multi-Protection $45
Lancôme Bi-Facial Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover $28
Algenist Anti-Wrinkle System $100 ($50 on Sephora)

I’ve had no trouble with the Clarins Sunscreen and it seems to make my skin extra smooth. It works great as a base to my foundation. I bought the Lancôme  Makeup Remover because it has high reviews on Sephora’s website, however I’m not sure that it’s my favorite. It really does a great job and the bottle doesn’t leak, but it’s also very difficult for me to get the solution out! Lastly, the Algenist Anti-Wrinkle System was bought for my husband, but I use it regardless. The Algenist face wash is amazing and is nothing like anything I’ve ever seen before.

blogger supplies

Amazon Basics Tripod (Gift)
Canon Wireless Shutter Remote (Gift)
Canon Camera Lens Cap $4
Flower Shaped Lens Hood $2

I’m excited because I have so many new goodies to play with for my blogging purposes. My awesome friend Jiawen got me the tripod and wireless remote that I had posted in my Christmas Wish List blog post. How nice of her, thank you! In addition, I’ve gone ahead and bought a flower shaped lens hood to help reduce lens flare. Hopefully I’ll be able to take sharper photos now. Haha, and funny story, my friends lost my SLR’s lens cap during my bachelorette party weekend. Right after I had already ordered a new one, they found it! Oii~ Doesn’t hurt to have two!

aldo necklace channel earring bracelet

Earrings (Gift)
Letter “S” Bracelet (Gift)
Express Short Faceted Metal And Rope Necklace (Sold Out)
Express Thread Wrapped Chain, Bead And Stud Necklace $55

Yay, more jewelry to add to my collection. One day soon, I’ll have to show you where I organize all of my bling bling. The cute Chanel earrings and bracelet were gifts from Teewa’s trip to Thailand, thanks! The two Express necklaces were Christmas presents from Erick. I really love the one on the left. The chain necklace on the right is nice as well, but sits sort of awkwardly sometimes.

aldo boots

Aldo Boots Pofadder $77
Aldo Boots Milbauer $50 (I might return)

I actually bought a ton of items from Aldo, but ended up returning most of them. Not pictured are 2 other pairs of shoes and 2 black leather gloves. I’ve been shopping for gloves for a while now, but I think that I’m about to give up. As for the boots towards the bottom, I’m thinking of returning them, but I need to find something else from their website to replace it since I can only get credit. Should I keep them? I’m thinking of getting some blue shoes instead.

stockings ebay

Flower Stockings (eBay $2)
Bunny Ear Stockings (eBay $2)

I think eBay is the best place to buy your stockings. I wouldn’t want to purchase anywhere else unless you needed them right away. You really can’t beat the prices of them on eBay. Love these two styles. I think I’ll have to get some more!

rebecca minkoff white rose gold hardware mini mac purse

Rebecca Minkoff White With Rose Gold Hardware Mini Mac $300

Okay, so I bought this purse a while back at the Hollywood Rebecca Minkoff store. I really love it, but I know I shouldn’t have bought this because I really don’t have the money for it. That’s why I’m selling it. Please check out my eBay listing if you are interested in buying.


Velvet Gold Design Skinny Jeans (Gift)
American Eagle Burgundy Jeggings $20
Black Skinny Jeans With Gun Metal Embellishments (Gift)

Lots and lots of pants! My favorite one is the Burgundy Jeggings, they make my legs look so skinny! I also heard that the velvet gold jeans that I have on the left is new for this coming season. Hasn’t hit the stores yet, but it’s expected to be hot!

skater skirts

Red Skater Skirt (eBay $10)
Black Lace Skort with Leather Detailing (Gift)

I’ve been dying for a red skater skirt for a while, so I finally caved it when I bought this one on eBay. It’s very flattering and looks great with any crop top, sweater, or shirt.

cardigan black leather jacket

Express Black Cardigan With Gun Metal Shoulder Detailing (Sold Out)
Black Leather Jacket (Gift)

The Express cardigan was also a gift from Erick. I like everything about it, except for the fact that my elbow stretches out the fabric. I really hate that and it drives me mad!! As for the leather jacket, I’m not quite sure that it’s my size. It’s a size M, so if anyone is interested in the jacket, please let me know!

Now that we are half way through January, it seems like my wedding is that much closer! It makes me sort of nervous because there are still so many things that need to be done. But I guess one step at a time, right? Currently, I’m collecting RSVP’s. Haha, that’s a task in itself!

I still need to do a post on my bachelorette party that I just had. You can expect to see something sometime next week. Anyways, I got to run!! I have bridesmaids dress fitting appointment soon. Have a great day!!

What’s your favorite item? What would you like reviewed?

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Thanks for reading!
xoxo Sarah

4 Replies to “November & December Shopping Buys”

  1. Hey Sarah! Nice stuff and purchases c:
    I’d love to have that shower comb 😮 and
    I need that tripod remote thingy! I hope
    you are doing alright c: Xx

    1. i’m doing great! i hope you are too :3 haha i’m just busy wedding planning all day everyday. and you should get the comb, its awesome and so cheap too! i haven’t really put to use the tripod and remote yet, but i can’t wait! i’m using it in a post for this thursday 😀

  2. I really wanna see how the manic panic pink dye looks on you 🙂 ! The color looks lovely in the jar 🙂 ! Also love your leather jacket 🙂 <3
    Have a happy 2014 :3

    xxx, Lara

    1. thanks! maybe i’ll give the hair dye another try on a larger amount of my hair. i feel like it doesnt show well though. we’ll see. have a happy 2014 yourself!! 😀

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