Etude House Vivid POPstick Review

etude house vivid popstick review

Believe it or not, but this is my very first time using Etude House!
Haha, yes I’ve been living under a rock =____=;;

Not sure if you noticed, but I’ve been going through an ORANGE phase.

Today I’m reviewing Etude House’s Vivid POPstick!
As always, this review is 100% my own opinion.

This product was sponsored to me from Alice, who is the owner of W2 Beauty Shop. She sells 9000+ popular Korean beauty products straight from Korea, so you know you’re getting something legit fasho! There’s also free shipping and samples! Don’t forget to support Alice and check out her web store. She deserves tons of love!



And now I present to you Etude House’s Vivid POPstick ($11 at W2 Beauty).

Brand new, it should come with a shrink wrap plastic seal so that you know it has never been used or tampered with. However, I’ve already gone ahead and torn it off for photo purposes.

The size of the Vivid POPstick is approximately 5-6 inches long and a little less than 1 inch in diameter. Of course it’s larger than your typical lipstick, but it’s also not awkwardly shaped like a lot of them. I can assure you that there shouldn’t be any trouble in carrying this around with you in your clutch or small purse.

etude house vivid popstick review

The Vivid POPstick is available in 8 different colors.

From left to right we have: #1 Kissing You, #2 This Love, #3 Just Dance, #4 Pop Stick Baby, #5 Teenage Dream, #6 Girls On Top, #7 California Girl, #8 Crazy In Love.

These colors overall are basically different shades of pinks, reds, and oranges.

etude house vivid popstick review

I ended up choosing #5 Teenage Dream to help satisfy my craving for some orange colored lips. This one did the trick! I think I’m all good with orange after this one.

etude house vivid popstick review

The color is super pigmented and it doesn’t take much pressure to get color to show. You can both draw the color on like you would using a lipstick, or you can sort of dab the pencil. Either way, the Vivid POPstick’s formula is ultra smooth and creamy.

In addition, the color is long lasting. Though some of the color might fade throughout the day, overall your lips will still visibly have at least 50% of the color. You would have to really try hard to rub off the lip color to get most of it off, but even then, there will still be a faint trace of color.

Another thing I would like to note about this product is that it has absolutely no shine whatsoever! It is 100% matte. It almost looks like you may have mixed in some powdered foundation onto your lips. This may sound weird, but it’s actually quite beautiful. If you don’t like the matte look, you can easily combine the Vivid POPstick with your favorite chapstick, lip gloss, or lipstick.

etude house vivid popstick review

A cool feature of the Vivid POPstick is that it is a twistable pencil! I totally didn’t know or think about this until I received the product in the mail. I love products that I don’t have to sharpen or shave. It really helps cut down a lot of hassle.

The photo below shows the Vivid POPstick with the pencil color twisted all the way out, so that you can see how much product you are getting out of this particular line.

After having used the Vivid POPstick for well over a week now, I expect this to last me at least several months. If I were to use this everyday, I would expect it to last me at least 2-3 months!

etude house vivid popstick review

Here again are all of the colors on the model’s lips. As you can see, there are two different finishing styles you can do. I don’t particularly look good with the first columns, so I tend to always do full lips.

etude house vivid popstick review

Below are photos of me wearing Vivid POPstick on my lips. As you can see, it’s nowhere as nice as the model’s lips in the photos, which is little disappointing.

Honestly, I don’t believe that my lips are that dry since I do use medicated chapstick daily. In the “Bare Lips” photo, my lips look just fine, and that’s without wearing anything (including chapstick)! But for some reason, Vivid POPstick really draws a lot of attention to my lips, making them appear drier than they really are. I think a lot of it has to do with the matte finish and the fact that the product is SO pigmented.

The Vivid POPstick provides absolutely no moisturizing effect, so I highly recommend starting with a thin base layer of chapstick.

etude house vivid popstick review

Etude House Vivid POPstick Overall Rating: ★★★☆☆

  • The price is reasonable for the amount of product that you get
  • You can build the color — keep it natural or make it POP!
  • Available in plenty of fun and cute shades
  • Product color comes out looking very matte
  • Can easily be combined with other lip products
  • What I hate most about this product is how dry it makes my lips look up close (it’s not as bad from further away)
  • Easy to apply and not very hard to create a clean lip line
  • Draws smoothly like a cream pencil
  • Versatile and appropriate for day or night
  • I would not recommend this product to those with dry lips

Please check out Alice’s Korean Beauty Shop: w2 Beauty

Do you have any experiences with this type of lip product?

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  1. The color is not pretty pigmented but is cute too!

    1. yea the color isn’t as pigmented as lipstick. it’s more of a lighter color, but it is build-able!

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