My Lipgloss Is Poppin’, Bright Pink FTW!

hengfang lipgloss bright neon pink

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Sorry I wasn’t able to do another post earlier this week, I’ve been so busy with my new job and had to stay later to attend some meetings (which is why you’re getting this post on a Saturday!).

Today I have a lipgloss review for you.
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hengfang lipgloss bright neon pink

I believe that this lipgloss was originally available in multiple shades when I first ordered it, but now I only see #5 (which is still a very beautiful color).

This lipgloss can be found here for $3.99, which is an awesome deal!

EDIT (6/30): I’ve just been notified that there are more lipgloss’ available, and they even glow under black lights! Click here to view.

The lipgloss size is very portable, a little over 3-inches in length and half an inch thick. I find it pretty easy to slip this lipgloss into your favorite wristlets, clutches, and zip-wallets.

hengfang lipgloss bright neon pink

To pull out the lipgloss wand, you need to twist the top to unlock and then simply pull it out!

Overall, I feel that the packaging is pretty unique and a cute design. I really like the shape of it for some reason. However, one worry that I have is that the lipgloss shape is not practical. In the end, I think it may become difficult to use up the remaining lipgloss.

I don’t see this lipgloss as one that you would “use till the last drop.” But rather a product that you simply buy because it’s cheap, good quality, and a fun bright color for the summer.

hengfang lipgloss bright neon pink

Here’s a close up look at the lipgloss wand. It’s nothing different from other lipgloss wands that you are probably familiar with. If anything, it may just have a tiny bit less fluff than what you are familiar with.

hengfang lipgloss bright neon pink

Alright, so enough on the product, let’s have a look at what it looks like on real lips (not a lip model, because everything looks good on them, lol).

Yeaa…. my lips aren’t exactly my proudest feature. So it’s kinda rough on me to post close-up photos of them. Makes me nervous. 

As you can notice, my lips are naturally sort of a dark brown color? This definitely can effect the result of how a lip color will look on your lip. With the lipgloss applied directly onto my lips without any Chapstick or anything else, the color outcome looks like a dark rich pink. Almost like a crimson pink…

hengfang lipgloss bright neon pink

The color above is still quite a beautiful shade (really it is!). But if you want something brighter and even more pink, you can try adding concealer to your lip to give it a lighter base color to work with. I think this color is GORGEOUS. Also, the concealer base helps make the lipgloss look more like a creamy texture.

hengfang lipgloss bright neon pink

HengFang Lipgloss (#7) Overall Rating: 

  • The price is very affordable
  • Not sure where else you can find this product besides Born Pretty Store
  • Amazing color and shine
  • Lasts for hours (unless you’re like me and like to eat a lot)
  • You can brighten up the color by adding concealer base to your lips first
  • Nice compact size that makes it easy to slip into your favorite small purse
  • Design is refreshing and cute
  • If you end up using more than 70% of this lipgloss, you’ll probably have a hard time getting the rest out
  • Great for the summer!
  • I would recommend to all lipgloss lovers

Do you prefer lipstick, lipgloss, or something else? What’s your favorite?

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