New Job, New Firmoo Glasses!

firmoo work fashion glasses

Good Morning

I’m happy to present to you my new glasses that I will be wearing to my new job at Cisco.

firmoo work fashion glasses

As I’ve mentioned before in the past, it’s very bad to wear contacts (especially circle lens) day after day and for long hours. I can’t stress more to you on this matter. I’ve been wearing contacts for 5 years and circle lens for almost 9 years. That’s a total of 14 years that I’ve been suffocating my eyes. Don’t be like me and ruin your eyes by wearing contacts all the time. Get a pair of glasses that you like and learn to take a rest every now and then.

firmoo work fashion glasses

Here’s everything that I got with my order: Hard case, soft case, lens cleaning cloth, tool set (forgot to photograph this, doh!), and glasses

I was sponsored glasses of my choice from I chose these glasses specifically to wear to work. My requirements was that it should look sophisticated, yet stylish, and that it should be able to add to the look of a professional outfit. I think this pair fit the bill quite well, especial with the tortoise pattern design.

The frame number is DBSN62080(C1665) and can be found here:Β Only problem is that I don’t see the option for tortoise on the product page. They might be sold out, as it’s a very popular design.

Anyways, now for some glasses porn.

firmoo work fashion glasses

firmoo work fashion glasses

firmoo work fashion glasses

firmoo work fashion glasses

The overall design of these glasses is quite good. Not only does it lookΒ amazing when worn, the quality of it is excellent! I’ve gotten glasses from Firmoo before in the past and have never had much of an issue with any of them. It’s also quite easy when ordering because they have all of the measurements listed online and it’s accurate.

firmoo work fashion glasses

I have one minor problem with these new glasses. The angle of the frame is not 90 degrees. All of my other glasses that I own have a hard 90 degree angle which helps it fit better on my face. Because of this slight obtuse angle, sometimes I find that this pair slides off of my nose #asiannoseproblems. The way that I’ve tried to fix this is by tightening the screw on the joint which somewhat helps.

firmoo work fashion glasses

No post is complete without some selfies! I guess it would have made more sense for my post if I was wearing business attire… But let’s just focus on my face, hair, and makeup. This is exactly like how I would wear it to work.

firmoo work fashion glasses

Here’s a close up (sorry it’s sideways) view of my makeup if you are curious. Just lotion, sunblock, liquid foundation, eyebrow powder, eyebrow pencil, black eyeliner (upper lid only), mascara, and blush. That’s all I do! Keeping it clean and simple. Also, I wear my hair tied up because it makes you appear more put together rather than when you leave it down.

I’m not wearing any lenses since I have glasses on. Haha, you know what though. I think because my prescription is so bad, it magnifies my eyes through the glasses’ lens! No need for enlargement since I’m basically wearing magnifying glasses on my face, lol.

firmoo work fashion glasses

What’s your favorite style of glasses?

Alright, hope you enjoyed today’s post!
I’m working hard on trying to post more than once a week again ^^

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Thanks for reading!
xoxo Sarah

12 Replies to “New Job, New Firmoo Glasses!”

  1. Cute glasses! ^__^ They suit you well.

    1. hehe thanks! that makes me happy to hear~

  2. You look lovely with them <3 <3

    1. thanks so much!! πŸ˜€

  3. Wow, small world! I started working at Cisco just a few months ago! Which location are you at?

    Hope you’re liking your new job! Cisco is a pretty good company to work for. πŸ™‚

    1. oh cool! i’m at the san jose campus. how about you? what department/role are u in? i’m a UX designer and so far i really enjoy working at Cisco πŸ™‚

      1. Crazy! I rotate between building 14 and MR3! :O

        I work as a data analyst and support sales, nothing as exciting. XD Glad to hear you’re enjoying your role so far! Were you doing something different before you worked at Cisco?

        1. Oh, I’m over at building 8!

          And I think being a data analyst could be fun, lol. I don’t know much about sales. Before Cisco I was also a web and graphic designer. Actually, that’s all I’ve been doing and wanted to do since middle school, haha.

          Anyways, we should grab lunch sometime or something~ I think it’s pretty sweet that our online worlds are so closely connected in real life!

          1. We should definitely grab lunch one of these days! I’m at building 14 Mondays and Wednesdays so maybe we can grab lunch at the cafeteria or drive somewhere near by. I think the cafeteria in building 11 is right in between both of us. πŸ™‚

            Feel free to shoot me a message on jabber. My name is Dolly H πŸ˜€

            1. Yea! lets get lunch maybe next wednesday at blding 11? I’ll ping you πŸ™‚

  4. how much your power index degree?

    1. -5.50 & -6.00 πŸ™‚

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