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Hello World~

I’m back from my trip to Asia, and now it’s been quite a long time since I’ve written a blog post. Part of me feels bad for not blogging, and another part of me is sort of like F*ck it.

Since I’ve returned to California, I have taken it up upon my self to take better care of my body. Currently, I do a daily 11+ step skin care routine day and night, started taking weekly yoga classes, eating more meals, and giving myself free time after work to relax through reading or gaming. I must say, it’s nice to put some effort in and pamper yourself. I think I’ve been neglecting my body for almost my entire life.

Enough about my life. If you’re reading this post, you probably want to see the goods! Aimmairite?!




d.i.a. double wild reversible jacket
ma*rs lavender crystal collared knit sweater
ma*rs high waisted shorts
rilakkuma socks
domo~kun socks
uniqlo knee high socks in blue and burgundy
uniqlo plaid button up shirt
flag-j ankle boots


rilakkuma square-ish shaped bag
rilakkuma rectangular-ish shaped bag
keychain mascot
rilakkuma cell phone neck strap
rilakkuma fabric bag
domo~kun 15th anniversary sticker
domo~kun 15th anniversary “S” keychain
black cross choker from (me) in harajuku
bright pink glittery moon ring
pearl bear ring
set of 3 space knuckle rings
kate goldish eyes eyeshadow palette
kate spotlighting shadow eyeshadow palette
kate slim create powder for cover contour set
kate pressed cheek color blush
ysl rouge volupte shine in 12 corail incandescent
ysl radiant touch
diamond lash x2
halloween themed tissue box (gift from flag-j)
monsters university, rilakkuma, and pompompuri spoons
vitamin drink and tissues (free hand outs outside 109)
dejavu lasting-long brown eyeliner




tony moly egg pore yolk primer
tony moly egg pore blackhead steam balm
tony moly egg pore nose pack package
innisfree powerproof brush liner
tony moly premium snail face mask
innisfree face masks x5
innisfree eco nail remover tissue
etude house silk scarf moist hair mist
tony moly cristal blusher
etude house scissors
missha wrinkle care stick lip balm
skinfood black sugar mask
earring set
… and a bunch of samples



purse organizer
dog necklace
cat socks
biore foaming facial wash
etude house wonder pore freshner mist
biore perfect oil
tatcha aburatorigami blotting sheets
fancy tea
yellow leather purse
etude house moistfull super collagen eye cream
etude house royal jelly face mask
jade keychain
etude house sexy boy band cut out
poke-a-dot headband
… and more samples



l’herboflore face mask
onepiece x hello kitty socks
totoro socks
totoro terrarium decorations
miu miu sunglasses
SK-II essence
contact solution

Overall, I feel like I came back with a pretty good haul of items from Asia. I would have liked to buy more, but I only had a small carry on luggage between the four countries and didn’t want to lug so much stuff around. It all worked out though, because I was more conscious about my purchases.

Anyways, you’ll end up seeing a few reviews on some of the items I bought if I’m feeling up to it. Of course, if there’s anything in particular that you are interested in, let me know in the comments!

Hope everyone is having a great November~ We’re coming close to the end of the year, and quickly!

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Thanks for reading!
xoxo Sarah

12 Replies to “Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China Shopping Buys”

  1. Ooh so many nice things! I’d like to see some outfits and makeup looks 😀
    Haha I’m the same, it’s been a few months since I came back from HK and blogging about it seems too late now lol eeeehhhhhh..

    1. haha, it’s been maybe 2-3 weeks since i’ve been back from my vacation! i feel so lazy to blog nowadays. but at the same time, when i don’t blog at all, i feel sort of empty. oh the dilemma~ but good idea! if i get enough motivation, i’ll try to post an outfit or makeup look ;D

  2. Welcome back!! Hope you had an awesome time away 🙂
    Glad to hear you are spending so much time looking after YOU, I need to take a leaf out of your book…
    You got an awesome haul of things, especially for not having alot of room to pack it! Love the tartan shirt!


    1. hey danielle! yea, i’m surprised by how much stuff i actually came back with considering that i only had a carry on. i guess most of the items are small so it all works out. i had to be very selective on clothing items. and yes, you should spend more time on yourself too!! i think most of us often forget to take better care of ourselves~

  3. oh-my-god SO LUCKY GIRL! A lot of cute and pretty things! *-*

    1. aww thank you!! loll i tried my best to splurge 😀

  4. You actually got quite a lot of stuff! xD The korean beauty makeup haul omg hahaha sooo many little packages – and all so pretty too!!

    1. yea i got lots of little stuff from korea. at one point, i had no clue what to get and thought, screw it, just grab things that look interesting and buy it! haha, i don’t typically follow korean products, so it was hard for me to shop for them. i should have done research. oh and i regret not buying majolica majorca when i was in japan, totally forgot to! 🙁

  5. My daughter loves the Japan haul and the Totoro socks -to cute 🙂 a lot of goodies! She dreams of going to Japan 🙂

    1. you should totally take her some day! it was really a lot of fun. i’ll have to post about my trip when i get the chance, hopefully sometime soon 🙂

  6. Super jealous of your purchases! That d.i.a jacket. *_* I would SO not have survived with just a carryon so I’m impressed.

    Glad you’re back! We gotta go grab lunch again soon! 😀

    1. Yesss~ lets grab lunch soon! I’m not in the office this week though. btw, the dia jacket is reversible!! 😀

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