ShaveMOB Holiday Stocking Stuffer Review

shavemob review

Have you girls heard of the latest feminist empowerment trend? Lots of grown women are growing out their armpit hairs and dying them all sorts of bright a** colors. It’s so revolting and unattractive that I’m not going to post the photos on my blog post, but you can view some here.

Please keep your pits shaved girls, cause I don’t wanna see what your pubs look like. GROSS!

If you have a friend who joined this ridiculous trend, do them a favor and get them a new razor for Christmas. How about ShaveMOB’s Stocking Stuffer?

shavemob review

Recently I was contacted by ShaveMOB and asked to join their campaign. I usually say no, but for some reason this time I agreed. I think it’s because they are a smaller start up company and I really felt for their efforts. Plus, it seemed like they really had a good product (I was right!).

**Just wanted to let you know that this is a sponsored unpaid review, and as always, all opinions are my own!

So here we go. I received two types of razor blade heads. The first one is sort of your typical razor, but with 6 blades. Now that’s a lot of blades considering that it’s a razor for women. Most of my cheap drug store razors that I buy only have 3-4 blades max.

shavemob review

The second razor blade head that I got is super cool. It still has 6 blades like the previous one, but it also bends allowing for a better shave around the knees for example. Not sure what the little rubber bumps do to add to the shaving experience, but it sure does make this one fancy shaver!

shavemob review

Now lets have a look at the shaving handle. It’s pretty spiffy as well. You have a push to release button for the razor head, and the part that connects to the head moves. This is also supposed to allow for a better shave.

shavemob review

The razor heads can be easily attached by simply inserting until it snaps on.

shavemob review

I haven’t tried the first razor blade yet, but I’m sure that it works just fine since that’s the type that I’m accustomed to using. I was however intrigued by the one pictured below, so I’ve already gone ahead and used it.

I got a pretty good shave with no nicks or cuts. Also my skin seems extra smooth in comparison to when I use my cheap disposable razors. Btw, I shaved with shampoo because I was out of shaving cream, lol. I’m not sure if I’m sold on the flexible aspect of the razor, but other than that, it works well.

shavemob review

Also the size of the razor and placement of grips make it very comfortable to hold.

I have had very bad experiences with razors before in the past, which is why it is a big deal for me to find good ones!! One time during my second year of college, I shaved around my ankle area and then felt a sting and saw blood running down the drain. I looked at my razor blade and saw something almost black stuck in it. When I pulled it out, it turned out that it was about an inch of my skin that I had shaved off. Isn’t that just sick? Didn’t know that could happen. Haha, I learned my lesson alright, Shave lightly!

Sorry for the random story, haha~ off topic.

shavemob review

Oh yea, here’s ShaveMOB’s advertisement. It’s soo bad but soo good, which makes me happy that I’m supporting them. Watch it!


Order the ShaveMOB Stocking Stuffer by December 17th
to get it in time for Christmas.

Each stocking stuffer comes with:
1  men or women’s handle
2 mo. supply of men or women’s razor blades (3,4,or 6 blades)
1 mustache monocle
& shaving cream

Place your order at
Get $1 when you spend $10 using code “BUDDY3F76G”

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3 Replies to “ShaveMOB Holiday Stocking Stuffer Review”

  1. “Please keep your pits shaved girls, cause I don’t wanna see what your pubs look like.”Amen to that!!!!! Bending/Moving razors are getting popular but tbh I’m pretty scared to use something that can move so easily. Razor cuts are the worse ><

  2. Ohh this Shaver looks handy~ :3
    But it seems to move quickly which could lead to painful cuts! :C

    1. hmmm, it doesn’t really “move quickly” at all actually. i’ve used this razor blade several times already and you have to apply a little bit of pressure in order for it to bend. it just gives more ease when shaving. anyways, if i was worried about getting a cut from this shaver, i wouldn’t be using it!

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