Evening Dresses to Wear to a Friend’s Wedding

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Recently, three of my close friends got engaged.

First one was Vivian, my old childhood best friend. Next was Allison, whose relationship I’ve seen grow since day 1. Finally, there’s Jennie, who I just helped throw an engagement party for. I’m so happy for you guys, and even more excited for each of your weddings. It will be one of the best days of your life, at least that’s how mine was.

I’m finally at the age where it seems like everyone is making the move towards tying the knot. It’s a blessing to witness the union of two hearts, but also a curse to my wallet. I swear it’s eating at my savings account, especially since I have to usually fly into town for the wedding! Nonetheless, I still enjoy weddings.

Something fun about weddings is that it gives me the opportunity to wear evening dresses. I’m actually attending a wedding next month for my sorority pledge mom, Kerry. I’ve been thinking a lot about what dress to wear. Lately, I’ve been looking at sexy evening dresses from WeddingShe.com, a online store that offers a wide range of trend-setting dresses for affordable prices. I’ve picked out a few of my favorite sexy evening dresses from their website to wear to weddings.

Let’s have a look at some dresses to wear to a friend’s wedding!

My first pick is this gorgeous scoop neck A-line beaded nude dress. It sort of has that Gatsby look that’s oh so classy but sexy. This one’s great for any cocktail parties or fancy dinners.

weddingshe sexy evening dresses
Item Code: 10989289 – $162.39

My next pick is a dress similar to what Kate Middleton wore. I love the color of it and how mature and womanly it feels, without overdoing it. If you want to turn heads, demand attention, and be respected at the same time, this is the dress.

weddingshe sexy evening dresses kate middleton
Item Code: 10984418 – $156.99

Now if you’re looking for a fun and flirty dress, this one’s for you. This one can be worn for semi-formal events and can even pass for formal ones too, depending on how daring you are. What I like most about this sort of dress is that it shows your body off and your legs, while still hiding any imperfections you may have, like *ahem* cellulite.

weddingshe sexy evening dresses
Item Code: 10987510 – $87.59

Those are the dresses that I’d wear to a wedding. I think my favorite out of the three is Kate Middleton’s (the second dress). Which one is your favorite?

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  1. hi! Where can I shop for the first dress? You have given the dress code, but where can I locate it?

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