EOS Lucifer ATTI Brown Circle Lens Review

lucifer atti brown eos kpoplens circle lens

This week we are going to have a close look at the EOS Lucifer ATTI Brown Circle Lens, which is available for ~ $16.00. These lens were sponsored to me by Klenspop.com.

I actually received 3 lenses from them, so you can expect 2 more circle lens reviews within the upcoming months.

lucifer atti brown eos kpoplens circle lens

As usual, the lens come safely packed in a cute box with instructions on the back. Inside the box are the lens, tongs, and new contact case.

Below is a close up of what the mini jars containing the lens. There is a slight different appearance in the print of the label, I guessing it’s because they are from different batches (looking at the mismatched expiration dates). They are probably from different batches because my eyes don’t share the same prescription.

lucifer atti brown eos kpoplens circle lens

General information on the lens:

  • Brand: EOS
  • Diameter: 14mm
  • Graphic Diameter: 13.4mm
  • Water Content: 38%
  • Base Curve: 8.6mm
  • Life Span: 1 year (Max)**
  • Country of OriginSouth Korea
  • Colors Available: Brown

** I don’t recommend keeping these lens for a full year, but instead recommend 3-4 months max

lucifer atti brown eos kpoplens circle lens

I found these lens oddly difficult to photograph. I think it’s because no matter how hard I tried to focus on them and get a sharp image, it was actually at its sharpest! The lens in real life have a sort of fuzzy softer feel to them. The amount of color on these lens is minimal, and the design feels very dainty and simplistic. These lens do nothing to enhance the brown color of your eye, it only serves the purpose of enlargement. If anything, I would say that the Lucifer ATTI is somewhat similar to the teary eyed type circle lens that make your eyes look watery or glossy.

lucifer atti brown eos kpoplens circle lens

If you look at the extreme close up of my eye below, you may notice that the overall tone of my eyes are pretty dark. Since most of the design on the lens takes place at the most outer rim, it makes the majority of my pupil look sort of flat. I have mixed feelings for these lens… The Lucifer ATTI circle lens falls in between two categories— natural and brown enhancer, but doesn’t shine in either of the two.

lucifer atti brown eos kpoplens circle lens

For your convenience, I’ve photographed what the lens look like in different types of lightings.

lucifer atti brown eos kpoplens circle lens

Also, here is my eye with the lens (pictured left) and without the lens (pictured right). The enlargement is quite noticeable!

lucifer atti brown eos kpoplens circle lens

And because the photos above probably aren’t enough for you, here are more close ups of my eye wearing Lucifer ATTI Brown while looking in different directions. I’d say that these are probably the most useful of the bunch to look at since it really gives you a nice feel of how the lens look.

lucifer atti brown eos kpoplens circle lens

A little FYI on my makeup done for this review… I did a lot of “new” things that I’ve never done before (or in years!).

  • No contour for the first time, only blush
  • BLACK eyebrows, wow
  • No falsies, just mascara on upper and lower
  • Used black eyeliner on my upper lids, and did them “properly” without having them extend out as far as I usually do
  • Super thin black eyeliner on my lower lash line

This look is super casual and easy. It was weird because every time I saw myself in the mirror I didn’t recognize me! Felt like another person, lol.

lucifer atti brown eos kpoplens circle lens

Clouds Brown Overall Rating: ★★★★ 
Color:  ★★★ 
Enlargement: ★★★★★
Comfort: ★★★★★
Natural-ness: ★★★☆ 

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xoxo Sarah 

4 Replies to “EOS Lucifer ATTI Brown Circle Lens Review”

  1. Nice review! Reminds me of the 1day acuvue sparkle! Lol sometimes I try doing more natural makeup xD but most of the time it doesnt feel satisfying in the end..

    1. i like natural makeup when im lazy, but in the end its just not as sexy! and please don’t change your current makeup style, i love your look!! ;D

  2. Sarah do they make these lenses or have any for astigmatism? And oooh I like your hair and quartz necklace! <333

    1. no I don’t think they make lenses for astigmatisms… at least not that i know of. i have one on one of my eyes, but yea, i just wear normal circle lenses. ooh and thanks and thanks again! my hair color is already fading and im super sick of it~ what to do 🙁

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