The Bridesmaid Dress that Fits All

coco melody bridesmaid dress for everyone
When planning for your own wedding, part of the excitement is shopping for dresses! However, if you have a bunch of bridesmaids, sometimes it can be difficult to coordinate them with what to wear. As we all know, bridesmaids (and just women in general), come in all different shapes and sizes. To make things even more complicated, every woman has their own fashion taste too!
Coco is an online store that was founded by Miranda over 15 years ago, in hopes of providing brides with the gowns of their dreams, that are not only high quality, but also affordable. Something I really love and admire about Coco Melody is that they have a history and seem to really care about their customers.


So how exactly can you accommodate everyone’s different bridesmaid dress preference? Interestingly enough, I’ve discovered that Coco Melody has designed a bridesmaid dress that fits all


There’s a neat website that shows a video clip of each different dress styles if you mouse over them. I highly recommend checking it out here.


coco melody bridesmaid dress for everyone


Each of these dresses can be customized in so many different ways…
  1. Pick your fabric: Satin, Chiffon, Taffeta, Organza, Elastic Satin, Elastic Silk like Satin
  2. Then choose a color: For each fabric type, there are about 30 different colors to choose from. That’s totaling in over 180 different color options (if you don’t have a fabric preference)!
  3. Finally sizing: You can pick existing dress sizes, or even customize your measurements to fit you just right.
The infinite convertible bridesmaid dress comes in 2 different lengths.

Both length dresses are capable of being converted into so many different style options. Below is a closeup of some of the options that you have for the floor length dress. But of course, you can get create and probably invent more!

coco melody infinite convertible bridesmaid dress
I truly love that this dress provides so many different ways to wear it. Having been a bride, this would have been an excellent option for my bridesmaids. Better yet, the price can’t be beat!


What are your thoughts on this dress? Would you buy it?


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  1. I love this dress.

    1. yes its very cool 🙂

  2. dgsfgsdf

    1. wga weoigajw egijeg?

  3. This prom dress is so beautiful, and I buy a long prom dress on website. It is fanticy. commend to you.

    1. yea, you should check it out 😉

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