Best Mother’s Day Gift Idea!

soufeel bracelet charms review

This year, I’ve decided to give my mom SOUFEEL jewelry for Mother’s Day.

Usually I just get my mom something simple, like dinner or flowers. The last several years I’ve ben running out of ideas for what to give my mom. She really does have everything, and I can’t compete with my brother who always showers her with expensive purses.

I can’t wait to give my mom the 925 sterling silver bracelet that I got for her from The beads and charms all fit the Pandora, Chamilla bracelet as well, and at a lower price.

This is by far the best Mother’s Day gift idea ever!!!

Not sure if your mom is the same as mine, but she never liked anything I got her when I was a kid. She always told me that I should save my money and stop wasting it on useless gifts for her. I’m thinking she said that when I was younger because my money wasn’t hard-earned like it is now… Who knows though!? I never asked her. I have a good feeling she will like this years gift.

soufeel bracelet charms review

When I first received my package, I got the charms and beads each individually packaged in separate ziplock bags. The bracelet chain was in its own larger ziplock bag, all of which were neatly enclosed within the light blue ribboned white jewelry box. The box has a textured faux-leather emulating exterior, as well as a velvet lined black interior with a matching black velvet pillow. Along with the box came a mini micro-fiber black jewelry polishing fabric square. I was able to safely tuck it away in a pocket located on the back of the velvet pillow.

After taking all of the jewelry pieces out of their ziplock bags and assembling the bracelet, there are two different ways to display the bracelet in the box. You can either lay the bracelet directly in the box (below photo), or wrap the bracelet around the pillow (above photo). I opted to go for the second option shown above since the bracelet stays neatly displayed.

soufeel bracelet charms review

What’s great is that in addition to the light blue ribboned white jewelry box, the shipment came with a shopping bag. The bag has the same texture as the jewelry box and adds to the gift presentation. This helps a great deal in creating a sense of worth for the SOUFEEL brand. The gift doesn’t feel like it was bought online, but instead bought in stores.

<!– warning: long analysis on the idea of a shopping bag –>

Sometimes gifts bought online have an implication of less importance, because the giver couldn’t take much time out of their day to go shopping. Therefore, the action of shopping online implies that the giver opted the route of shopping at their own connivence. This route is considered the “easier” one and typically less time is spent shopping. However, this is not the case now as the world of online shopping continues to grow. We now see consumers shop for all sorts of goods that just 5 years ago seemed ridiculous. Though online shopping has increased over the years, the negative connotation of online shopping for gifts still remains constant.

This is why it’s so awesome that SOUFEEL provides a shopping bag. It gives value to my time and effort put in from online shopping. People forget how much work it is sometimes to shop online! Because of the vast amount of vendors, shops, and products available on the www, more often than not window shopping online can be an even bigger drain on your time. Having a shopping bag to show for the time is everything and does magic to the subconscious mind.

<!– end of analysis –>

Doesn’t the packaging look solid? This is SOUFEEL’s “Luxurious Gift Packaging,” which is available free for purchases over $139, or you can add it for currently for $10. It’s well worth it, especially since you’re already spending a good amount on the jewelry itself, why not have it packaged nicely too? You don’t see iPhones shipped in plain brown boxes — no! It’s all about the packaging and presentation!

soufeel bracelet charms review
Luxurious Gift Packaging – Free for purchases over $139 or available for $10

This is the bracelet that I made for my mom. Yes, that’s my hand. The bracelet is large for my wrist since it is sized for my mom’s. I called her and asked for her wrist size in centimeters before placing my order.

The bracelet size range from roughly 16-23cm in length. You need to measure the circumference of your wrist and add about 1.5-2cm to your wrist circumference to accommodate room for the beads and charms.

soufeel bracelet charms review

Here’s a close up of each of the bracelet parts, starting with the bracelet chain.

The chain design is clean, simple, and high quality. I have small arm hairs and hate it when jewelry pinch and pull at my hair or skin. This bracelet does none of that! Also, the clamp to connect join the bracelet ends is very secure, so you don’t need to worry about spilling the beads.

soufeel bracelet charms review
Free bracelet with $99 purchase or available for $29.95

Tip #1 How to structure the bracelet: I actually went to google to look at ideas of how other’s create theirs. I noticed that most of them consisted of a few key elements — dangling charms, repetitive beads, an a few key unique pieces.

Tip #2 Design for the individual: I based my mom’s bracelet on the following qualities, 1. my mom, 2. Christian, and 3. born in March.

For my first dangling charm, I opted for a heart shape that read “Mom” inside. I didn’t actually realize that the back of the charm was outlined with fuchsia colored rhinestones until I received it in the mail, but no big deal.

soufeel bracelet charms review
Mom Heart Dangle Charm 925 Sterling Silver – $15.95

The second charm that I picked out was this one that says “Peace” with a dove next to it. The back of the dove is flat and looks a lot less like a dove. It would have been nice if both sides looked the same. The other dangling pieces are double-sided. I don’t like having the brand so prominently displayed on the charm and thought about removing it, but got a little lazy.

soufeel bracelet charms review
Silver Peace Dove Dangle Charm 925 Sterling Silver – $19.95

My unique bead of choice is this beautiful cross cut out that’s lined with white rhinestones and engraved with “Faith” on the opposite side.

soufeel bracelet charms review
Holy Cross With Crystal Charm 925 Sterling Silver – $12.95

For the repetitive beads, I picked ones that have rhinestones that signify her birth month. These are perhaps my favorite out of all of the ones I picked. There’s just something very ascetically pleasing about the overall shape and design.

soufeel bracelet charms review
March Birthstone Ocean Blue Charm 925 Sterling Silver – $18.95

Lastly, I picked out a safety chain. I didn’t get the safety chain to protect the beads and charms from falling out. Instead, I got it because I think it enhances the look of the bracelet dramatically.

soufeel bracelet charms review
Waves Safety Chain Charm 925 Sterling Silver – $17.95

This is how I decided to order my beads and charms. I think it turned out well!

soufeel bracelet charms review

Doesn’t the SOUFEEL bracelet photograph so well? You should see it in real life too, it looks just as good, if not better.

soufeel bracelet charms review

More photos of the bracelet on my hand. Please keep in mind that it’s sized for my mom’s wrist and not my own!

soufeel bracelet charms review

It gives me the goosebumps seeing the word “Mom” on a bracelet around my wrist. Haha, I’m not a mom yet but I’m sure I will be someday.

soufeel bracelet charms review

If you are still looking for a gift for Mother’s Day, do consider getting her a custom bracelet! I seriously can’t stress how sweet of a gift this is. I can’t wait to give it to my mom come next Sunday.

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