Reddit Game of Thrones Gift Exchange

game of thrones reddit gifts exchange

This past weekend, I went camping with family at Yosemite National Park. When I returned late Sunday night, I found my Game of Thrones reddit gift waiting for me at my door. I love getting things in the mail (but who doesn’t?!)!


I was super excited to open my package to see what I got (hehe.. GoT). To my surprise, I got this beautiful Game of Thrones map blanket.

To my secret santa:

Thanks so much for the awesome gift! You’re going to have to explain to me what “Don’t eat nails. (from Finn M. via the internet)” means, because it’s making me feel retarded since I briefly googled it without much return result. I’m guessing “Finn M” is either your name or handle, but the “Don’t eat nails” is really throwing me off!!! Also, thanks for following my crazy demands of no stuffed animals, funko pop, shot glasses, glass cups, and house banners… haha and I realized that’s basically a majority of GoT merchandise. You did well, who would have known that I needed a GoT map blanket?!? Happy that I have one now 🙂


Here’s a close up of the blanket! The detailing is amazing, considering that its on fabric. I am shocked. The only thing that’s sort of weird about the blanket is that it’s super static-y and causes all the hairs on my body to raise, lol. I don’t know why. But other than that, it does it’s job of keeping me warm on the sofa.


I think I may end up just laying the blanket over my bed for decoration in the future, but for now, it lays neatly on my living room sofa.


Thanks for reading!

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xoxo Sarah 


2 Replies to “Reddit Game of Thrones Gift Exchange”

  1. Loved it
    And I would do the same demands.
    I don’t really like a bunch of miniatures and figures and you art hanging around the house.

    1. haha, ok that makes me feel better 🙂

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