Gyaru Face Makeup Contouring

gyaru nose contouring for different face shapes

I’ve never been an expert at makeup, but I’ve always had an interest in wanting to look good and how I could improve myself. Naturally, I looked to those who knew makeup best, the Japanese gyarus aka “gals”.

For over a decade now, gyarus have been constantly pushing the bar in cosmetics application. They are always several steps ahead of the game. Although they may have a more extreme take on makeup, I find that they know how to transform themselves best. Having a slimmer face, higher nose bridge, larger eyes, are similar to the ABCs in gyaru fashion — and the rest of the world is finally catching on! For example, 3d nail art is a big booming trend that has exploded over the last 5 years, and it all started originally in Shibuya. Then there’s also the circle lens trend. And now, the new hot trend in mainstream makeup is contouring! All gyaru basics!

gyaru nose contouring for different face shapes

Contouring has existed for many years in Japan. But now, all of a sudden, you see big name brands in America advertising their new contouring products because it’s what’s hot. Probably the most popular contouring tool now are these fat, thick, contouring sticks, similar to tarte’s the sculptor contouring face slenderizer (~$24). These sticks are great for adding precise areas of color.

tarte contour stick review

However, the more traditional contour method is to use powder, though it is less trendy than its pencil variety counterpart. If you’re looking for a good powder contouring palette, you can try tarte’s poppy picnic limited-edition Amazonian clay eye & cheek palette (~$38). It has the perfect range of shades for highlighting, blush, and contouring. Even better, it can be used for the eyes as well.

PRO-TIP: Apply powders from the outer edge of your face inwards for a natural look Giving your face definition and making it look slimmer is so easy with contouring.

tarte contour powder review

I’ve been contouring for so long now that if I don’t contour my face, I feel fat, lol! So sad, really. To contour your face, simply…
  1. Apply bronzer in the hollows of your cheek, down the sides of your nose, and on the underside of your jaw line, then blend.
  2. Dust just above your brow, down the middle of your nose, outer corners of your lips, and above the cheekbones with a highlighter color.
  3. Add some blush to your cheekbones to bring it all together.

… and you’re set! A good rule of thumb for contouring – you want to lighten the areas that you want to stand out and contour the areas that you want to recede. Make sure you blend for a seamless finish!

Also be sure to remember that while contouring is truly transformative, a healthy dose of mascara still holds plenty of power all on its own. A favorite of mine and many others is tarte lights camera lashes mascara. Be sure to check it out if your lashes are in need of a bold boost!

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  1. I’ve never tried contouring because I don’t think I have the skill but I think it looks great when gyarus do it.

    1. it just takes some practice and willingness to experiment. you also have to make sure you’re using the right size brushes! you should try it 🙂

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