ATRUE Real Black Tea True Active CC Cushion Review

atrue cc cushion korean makeup review

I’m finally back after a two week hiatus with a review on ATRUE Real Black Tea True Active CC Cushion. This product is sponsored by and can be found at for $41.80.

As always, my product came neatly packed in a well cushioned box. It also came along with 2 BBOGEUL Moisture Cream samples! I need to start figuring out what to do with all of my samples that I’ve amassed in the last 6 months.

atrue cc cushion korean makeup review

The ATRUE CC Cushion boasts of being a multi-function product. According to ATRUE, the CC Cushion is excellent for complete coverage and has SPA50+/PA+++ UV protection. It’s also good at plumping and 6-multifunction. By 6-multifunction, ATRUE is referring to these six: radiance, firming, hydration, tone, brightening, and boosting.

Black Tea Fermentation is part of the process used to help create all of the skin revitalizing nutrients in ATRUE’s CC Cushion. On Cosmetic Love’s product page, they go into detail on the entire fermentation process. I’m not going to go into the details of fermentation here since I’d rather focus on my experience with the product.

One thing worth noting is that the product is Paraben and Ethanol free. There as also no testing done on animals.

atrue cc cushion korean makeup review

Let’s have a look at the packaging design now.

The basic overall design is quite similar to any other brand’s CC Cushion. It’s like a compact, with a mirror, applicator pad, a hinge that snaps open to reveal the makeup, and of course the makeup itself soaked in sponge.

I find the package as a whole to be more refined and elegant than other brands. It’s also a good size that can easily slip into your purse or makeup bag with ease. Something about the design reminds me of the spa.

atrue cc cushion korean makeup review

The mirror has a protective clear film to prevent it from getting dirty or damaged. I haven’t removed it in any of the images on this review, and I probably won’t remove it for a long time because I’m just strange like that.

There’s also a protective cover that ensures that the makeup section of the product hasn’t been tampered with. This is what it looks like below. It’s just a paper sheet with an adhesive that runs around the perimeter of the sheet, but you might be able to tell if it’s been opened before.

atrue cc cushion korean makeup review

The applicator pad is a soft microfiber fabric that has a handle on the back that safely allows you to fit 2-3 fingers in for easy application.

As for the makeup itself, it’s absorbed into a sponge that you have to pat. I was a little disappointed by the product because part of the makeup sponge was clearly dry and without makeup. It made me feel like there wasn’t really much makeup in there…

atrue cc cushion korean makeup review

ATRUE’s CC Cushion comes in two different colors, #01 Light Beige and #02 True Beige.

I ended up picking True Beige, though I don’t think it really matches my skin color. For some reason, it has a grey tone which makes my face look somewhat desaturated, lol! After a while, it starts to look more natural and seems to absorb into my skin for better matching.

This product is supposed to be dermatology tested, but immediately the next day after my first use, I got 3 super sized pimples. I’ve been pimple free for a while now and my routine is pretty solid, so I’m absolutely sure that it was caused by this CC Cushion. As a warning to those of you who have sensitive skin, be careful.

Overall, the coverage is decent and my skin did look good. It’s a great product to use for when you’re on the go, or when you are looking for something that’s a little lighter than liquid foundation.

I’ll probably end up using this product again, but I’ll have to be more cautious and watch how long I wear it for. I don’t want another acne problem!

atrue cc cushion korean makeup review
ATRUE Real Black Tea True Active CC Cushion Review: ★★

  • Has decent coverage and is able to even spotty skin tones, but not dark spots
  • Feels light and not oily
  • Somewhat moisturizing, but could be better
  • I wish there were more colors available so that I could have got a better match
  • After using, I got a few pimples, so be careful if you have sensitive skin
  • My skin looked naturally beautiful
  • Excellent SPF coverage of 50+ and PA+++
  • Easy to use and carry around
  • Elegant packaging design
  • Wouldn’t really recommend since its a little overpriced for what it is, I’d prefer the Amore Pacific CC Cushion

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