Summer Fashion Must Haves

summer fashion makeup must haves

With the bright summer sun and warmth pouring in, you’ll need to grab yourself these
3 summer fashion must haves.

Thanks for sponsoring this blog post. I hand picked each of these items myself for review, all thoughts and opinions are my own!

summer fashion makeup must haves

SUMMER MUST HAVE #1: Waterproof Eyeliner

Having waterproof eyeliner during the summer time is a no brainer. If you’re doing any activities outside, your eyeliner will need to be able to survive blood, sweat, and tears, or most likely just the swimming pool.

This black leopard eyeliner pencil is super smooth and long lasting. And better yet, it’s only $1.60!

The pencil eyeliner never needs to be sharpened as you can simply twist the end for more liner. It comes with a removable cap. Overall, the design of the pencil could be a little better, but it does the job.

summer fashion makeup must haves

I decided to do a test on the pencil. I was able to draw a variety of line thicknesses with ease.

  1. Shows the different eyeliner stroke weights, and is dry to touch
  2. I smudged the eyeliner with a decent amount of force (much more than you would apply to your eye)
  3. Tried to wash off the eyeliner with running water (this is after trying my hardest too…)

This eyeliner passing the waterproof test with flying colors.

summer fashion makeup must haves

SUMMER MUST HAVE #2: Lush False Eyelashes

Sure you can be boring and just wear mascara, but you can’t deny the magic that false eyelashes does for the eyes. Lets not waste the summer away not looking good. Also if you are shopping for eyelashes, make sure you get ones that are super lush and thick. Thats what’s hot.

Here’s the Moon Princess Fashion Lashes, made from black thick pony hair. You can find them for just $3.99. Elsewhere, for similar style and quality, it costs at least $20, I would know… because I spent about that much before.

summer fashion makeup must haves

For those who care, a closer look at the lashes outside of the case. Can you see the difference between pony hair lashes and the synthetic or human hair ones?

summer fashion makeup must haves

I wore these lashes out and they were super comfortable, flexible, and soft. No problems with them. They look great too!

summer fashion makeup must haves

SUMMER MUST HAVE #3: Waterproof Body Art Tattoos

Yes, temporary tattoos are in! But they have to be the shiny metallic kinds. They look beautiful when the summer sun shines on them too, as it calls attention to whichever part of your body you put them on (if you catch my drift).

I picked Body Art Tattoo #3, which you can purchase for just $1.83. There are 3 other designs that you might find fit for yourself, but I picked the design below because I thought it allowed for the most creativity.

summer fashion makeup must haves

As a test, I cut out just three dots to wear. It’s small and simple enough that you can wear these dots anywhere on your face as an accessory. For example, you can wear it around your eyebrows or under your eyes above your cheekbones. I decided to wear mine between my eyebrows on my forehead.

summer fashion makeup must haves

You apply these to your skin similarly to how you would any other traditional temporary tattoo. First you peel off the protective clear sheet and place the tattoo faced down on your skin. Then apply a little warm water to the paper using a towel and hold firmly. After about 20 seconds, you can remove the paper and you’ll find that the tattoo has adhered to your skin!

This tattoo amazingly lasted on my forehead for 2 days… Even after rubbing and using makeup remover, wow. I sort of had to pick it off. It’s definitely waterproof all right.

summer fashion makeup must haves

This is my look after combining all three items together. I feel like a magical unicorn in this photo, haha. Love it.

summer fashion makeup must haves

Hope you enjoyed reading!
Until next time.

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