Pravanna ChromaSilk Vivids Silver + Manic Panic Electric Amethyst Dye = DIY Icy Purple Hair

vivids privana silver hair dye granny how to

I got my hair done about 2 months ago at a local hair salon, changing it from my usual medium blonde to a platinum blonde ombre. My hair came out beautifully, but it still wasn’t as ashy as I would have liked. I wanted it to be a icy purple color. So I figured that I’d give it a go and try to DIY my hair.

vivids privana silver hair dye granny how to

Here’s what I used:

  • Pravanna ChromaSilk Vivids in Silver (bought it off of Amazon for about ~$15, I forget, but no more than $20)
  • Manic Panic in Electric Amethyst (~$10 from Ebay)
  • Hair dye mixing bowl and brush (got mine from Sally’s Beauty Supply)
  • Gloves (not pictured)
  • Generic white conditioner (not pictured)
  • Saran warp
  • Hair clip

vivids privana silver hair dye granny how to manic panic electric amethysts

Next you need to mix together the white conditioner, manic panic dye, and pravanna silver in the mixing bowl. I used the following percentages for each:

  • 40% white conditioner
  • 20% manic panic (purple dye)
  • 40% pravanna (silver)

Make sure that the 3 are fully blended together. You can use the brush to mix. What’s nice about Pravanna is that you can use the markings on the side of their dye to measure out how much dye you are using. Very useful.

vivids privana silver hair dye granny how to

After I finished mixing together my 3 ingredients, this is what my dye looked like. Looks pretty purple doesn’t it? I was worried about how the color would come out, but had faith that all would be okay.

vivids privana silver hair dye granny how to

I applied the entire mix to my hair working from the bottom up. I didn’t end up wasting any of the dye and it turned out to be the perfect amount. It took me probably around 45 minutes to mix and apply all of the dye to my hair evenly.

Once I had the dye in my hair, I clipped it into a bun on the top of my head and wrapped it with saran wrap. Next was the easy part, I put on a movie and left it in my hair for 2 hours. When it was time to remove the hair dye, I simply hopped in the shower and rinsed it out with warm to cool temperature water.

Here’s the result of my hair, before and after.

vivids privana silver hair dye granny how to


My hair’s over all tone was less bright and a lot cooler. It wasn’t a very drastic difference, but it was noticeably a light grey color. The purple didn’t show up as much as I would have liked it to, so next time I may have to add a little extra purple. My only worries are that if I add more purple, my hair may turn out too dark. I’ll have to experiment more.

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Until next time…
xoxo Sarah 

8 Replies to “Pravanna ChromaSilk Vivids Silver + Manic Panic Electric Amethyst Dye = DIY Icy Purple Hair”

  1. Mmmmm that blonde color yasss ♥_♥ please do a hair routine (care and touch ups) if you have time! I’d be interested 😀

    1. hmm hair routine, okay i shall try <3
      i think your hair is blonder than mine though!!

  2. Omg, I love the result! Do you think this would also work on brown hair? I kinda want to try doing something similar now 😛

    1. I think on brown hair, it would come out a little darker. But then again, it depends on what shade of brown your hair is =P

      Most likely it won’t show as well.

  3. I like how the colour turned more natural abd pretty

    1. it’s a nice change 🙂
      pretty, fun, and still work friendly. well if you get over the fact that i’m basically a blonde asian.

  4. Omg this is GOOD to know LOL my hair is all golden blonde but I really want a lighter ashy blonde!

    1. ahaha yes! its useful. usually if i want my hair to be more ashy and im lazy. i just use the purple dye with lots of white conditioner and leave it in. works like a charm!

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