Simple Gyaru Eye Makeup Tutorial

よ〜!How are you? Today I am going to show you a very simple gyaru eye makeup tutorial. Check out this close up of my eyes in the photo below. Attractive, huh? LOL. I feel like I’m an alien when I look at that picture.

Anyways, I think that the eyes are the most important when it comes to your makeup. They are the one thing that you must not ignore when you are getting ready to go out!

Here are a few normal snap shots of me, too (so you don’t think I’m a crazy alien ant )

Do you like this look? Very simple huh.

Here is what you will need to recreate the eye makeup look (stuff in the parenthesis is what I used):

1. Take the brown eyeshadow and apply it from the inner part of your eyelid outwards past the outer part of your eyelid. Don’t be afraid to let the shadow help extend the length of your eye.

2. Line your eye with your liquid/gel black eyeliner. Start off by drawing in the upper eyeliner first, then connect the bottom to the end of the top eyeliner. Next you can draw in the wing that extends out past your eye.

3. Before applying false eyelashes, I like to curl my real ones with a eyelash curler!

4. Take your favorite mascara, preferably one that doesn’t weigh down your eyelashes and apply a generous amount. (fun fact: one time I tried counting how many strokes of mascara I apply to one eye, I counted around 45 or so! Wow~!)

5. Next apply your fake upper eyelashes. Make sure that your glue has had enough time to dry and become sticky. Also, a good tip is to add extra glue to the ends of the false eyelashes in case they start peeling off. (fun fact: I actually don’t use tweezers to apply false eyelashes, I use my finger nails!)

6. Add black eye shadow to the bottom of your lower eyelash line. You want the eye shadow to be darker and thicker towards the outside of your eye and gradually get thinner and lighter towards the inside. You should stop the eyeshadow at about 2/3 of the way.

7. Now it is time to put on your fake bottom eyelashes. Connect the end of the bottom eyelash to the end of the upper eyelash. The other end of the bottom eyelashes should curve up to your real eyelash line. You want to have some space between your real eyelashes and the fake bottom eyelashes, but slowly have that space close up as you move towards the inner part of your eye. (fun fact: I wear the lower eyelashes beneath my real eyelash line because 1. it makes your eyes bigger 2. you avoid pulling off your real eyelashes)

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy tutorial! Haha, this is my first eye makeup tutorial actually. I apologize for not having a better tutorial! I’ll try to do more in the future if anyone is interested.

As always, thanks for reading!


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  1. lovely make-up <3
    thanks so much for your comment!!
    I'm following you with GFC . I would love if you could follow me back<3
    Lali pops of colour

    1. hi lali! thanks for the follow! i left you another comment 🙂

  2. oh my gosh the first picture scared me XD i was not expecting that

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