Tattoo Brainstorming

I love tattoos. Probably more now than ever before. I find it interesting how our view on life changes as we mature.

If you asked me about 6+ years ago my thoughts on tattoos (or even just life in general), my answer to you would be very different from what I would tell you now. I have found that throughout the last 5 years, I have really came to learn a lot about myself. Most of my self realized discoveries occurred in my early 20’s. Now I am currently 24 and I can probably list off all of my strengths and weaknesses. I can now distinguish between who I would like to be and who I truly am in the present. They say that the human mind is fully developed at age 25, but I think that there is always room to grow.

wp-monalisa icon Do you have any tattoos? What do you think about them? If you want a tattoo, what would you want and where?

W a i t Before we move on, if you aren’t at least 22 or 23, I would say you probably shouldn’t get a tattoo, yet. Honestly, you have your whole life to love your tattoo, so don’t rush into getting one for the wrong reasons.

If you don’t have a tattoo yet and you’re not still in your teens, I do recommend that you try getting a tattoo at least once in your life. I’m all for trying new things and living life to the fullest (in most cases), so even if it’s a tiny tattoo that no one will ever see, who cares! I say do it for the experience.

My Tattoos

I still want a tattoo on my thigh, hip, and back. Currently, I already have tattoos behind my left and right ear, lower abdomen (new!), and left wrist. Maybe I’ll show them all to you in a post someday.

At Tattoo Lounge getting my latest addition.

Tattoo Inspiration & Research

These are images that I’ve found on the web. I picked these images based on either design, tattoo placement, or idea. Most of them only satisfy one criteria. When picking your own tattoo, its a great idea to see what’s out there but of course, don’t limit yourself to what you see online.

I first saw this tattoo about 4 years ago, and have been love with it ever since.

On all of my computers, I have a tattoo folder where I drop images that I like into it. These are the most recent ones, all found sometime this year.

I’ve been really into thigh tattoos lately. I used to hate them actually, but as I see more and more tattoos on thighs, I realized that some of them can be quite beautiful. Not sure if I will ever be able to get one though, because my boyfriend is against it being on my thigh…

Planning Out Your Tattoos

  1. First decide if you want color tattoos or grey scale
  2. Decide what sort of style you are interested in (old school, new school, asian, etc)
  3. Map out where on your body you would like to get tattooed (behind the ear, nape, hip, etc)
  4. Once you have your mapped out your plan, think of what you would like tattooed and the best place to put it on your map
  5. Remember to always do lots of research until you feel confident in your decision before you commit

Tattoo Tips

  • Never get someones name tattooed unless they are dead or your parents/family/kids name
  • Choose something that is timeless (not your current favorite tv show, but maybe that saying that your mom used to always tell you when you were a kid)
  • Really consider the location of your tattoo and if it is appropriate for your future job (don’t forget that many people change jobs within their life time), family/kids, etc
  • Print out the tattoo design that you like and tape it up on your bathroom mirror and look at it everyday for a couple of weeks to see how much you really like the design
  • If possible, get a henna tattoo or even sharpie a mock up of your tattoo design and keep it for as long as you can to see if you life it
  • It’s worth it to find a good tattoo artist and spend the extra money if needed

Anyways, if you made it this far in my blog post, thanks for reading! Lol, I know it’s all a bunch of jibber jabber. I’m just kinda thinking out loud through a blog post. Btw, sorry for the lack of posts and for all of them being somewhat untimely. I try to post every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, but sometimes it’s hard!!

I’m in a bit of a busy patch in my already busy life, and also there have been lots of other issues that have came up that makes me a little depressed. But its ok, with a little time, all things shall pass.

See you again in my next post!

xoxo Sarah

8 Replies to “Tattoo Brainstorming”

  1. LOVEd this post haha. Obviously 😛
    Some good facts and advice in this – especially no name tattoos! I wouldn’t even get my kids names if I had any, you never know what’ll happen in the future..haa

    Oh and go get yourself inked up and take part in my Inked and Awesome feature 😉
    I say go for the thigh, bet your partner will love it once its done.

    Also, sorry to hear you’re a little down, big hugs and best wishes from me – I know how it feels <3

    1. i thought of you specifically when i wrote this post. hahaha, glad that you liked it! 😀
      also good point with getting the kids names tattooed, lol.. i guess its true that you don’t know what happens in the future.
      and yes, i will for sure take part in your inked feature section of your blog!
      hahaha i’ll try to get my bf used to the idea of a thigh tattoo. we shall see 🙂

  2. Awesome post actually! I really want to have a tattoo but I don’t know what and I’m still young so I’ll wait till I’m 25 years old or something haha!

    1. yay tattoos are awesome! but yes, get to know yourself more and wait till you are older before you decide to get something permanently on your body 🙂

  3. AAh I’ve grown to love tattoos too! I haven’t got any yet, haven’t quite decided what to get. I’m more into piercings really!! I guess as long as it’s a well thought out decision, and you know you really want it, then it’s your own body and you have every right to decorate it however you want. :)))

    1. i totally agree with you. and actually, i was way more into piercings before, but i kinda stopped after my body rejected my belly button piercing. i do want a dermal piercing though…

  4. Some of these tattoo pictures are really
    beautiful! I don’t like big ones, but some
    of these big ones looks really good! And
    I totally agree about getting a tattoo when
    you’re 20+. I would love to have a tattoo!
    One behind my ear 😛 maybe a small
    dovetail c:

    (REPLY: don’t encourage yourself when
    it comes to cooking! Practise makes
    perfect c:)


    1. i’m looking up what a dovetail tattoo would look like. and i have no idea what that is!! loll. but yea, i love behind the ear tattoos. too bad i already have one behind each ear, so i can’t get anymore. hahaha~

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