Born Pretty Store: False Eyelash #666 & #A15 Review

born pretty store false fake eyelashes review

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Oh my, I’ve been falling behind on my blog posts! I apologize for that, but also don’t really feel to bad because MY WEDDING IS IN 2 WEEKS!!!

Today I have two false eyelash reviews for you. I received both of these complimentary from, but as always thoughts regarding the product are my own.

born pretty store false fake eyelashes review

Lashes being reviewed:

  1. Princess Lee Handmade Artificial Black False Fake Eyelashes 666 ($8.54)
  2. Black Fiber False Eyelash Long Dense Eyelashes A15 ($9.21)

Both of these lashes come with 10 pairs per box!

This is an excellent deal considering how expensive lashes could get. You can however find similar lashes to these on eBay for less. But of course, it depends on whether or not you want to go through a reputable online web store or through an eBay seller. 

Important notes:

  • The #666 lashes pictured on the upper portion of the photo below has a clear wire/string band.
  • The #A15 lashes pictured on the lower portion of the photo below has a clear elastic band.

born pretty store false fake eyelashes review

Ok, with all that said, let’s have a look at #666 first. 

These lashes are more typical of the type that I like to wear. I love lashes that are heavier towards the ends to help elongate my eyes. The only thing that turned me off when I first received these lashes was the texture. I couldn’t help but feel that the lashes looked like spider legs!! Gross, huh? On the flip side, they don’t look like spider legs when you wear them. In fact, it just looks like mascara, and most likely you won’t even notice the texture.

born pretty store false fake eyelashes review

Now some detailed shots of me wearing the #666 lashes. They are cute! These would also work very well if you are trying to do gyaru eye makeup (which I am not doing in any of these photos).

born pretty store false fake eyelashes review

I love these lashes and have no complaints at all about them at all!

born pretty store false fake eyelashes review

False Eyelash #666 Overall Rating: ★★★★★

  • Easy to apply
  • Good price
  • Not heavy
  • Elongates the eyes
  • Has a weird texture, but isn’t noticeable when worn
  • Semi-matte finish
  • Great for gyaru eye makeup
  • Beautiful with long winged eyeliner
  • Reusable



Now let’s see the #A15 lashes. 

I don’t normally wear lashes like these since they usually make my eyes look more narrow. But since I’m getting married soon, I wanted to experiment with lashes that look more natural. These lashes are great for almond shaped eyes, and especially asian eyes. Most of the lash length is towards the center, but there is a great amount of length all around.

born pretty store false fake eyelashes review

These lashes are beautiful, but one huge turn off for me was the packaging. I’ve had eyelashes from this brand before, and have never experienced this problem in the past. I’m thinking that it might be just a bad box or perhaps it has to do with the material used for the band of the #A15 lashes. I was having lots of difficulty removing the eyelash ends from the gold stickers. The elastic band would get stuck and then stretch resulting in partially destroyed eyelashes. This was very frustrating for me because I was being very careful.

I basically wasted a pair of lashes trying to get one out. Both went into the trash.

born pretty store false fake eyelashes review

At least these lashes look great, despite all of my struggles mentioned above. What do you think? I think I’m starting to like these types of lashes again.

born pretty store false fake eyelashes review

Don’t my eyes look more awake in this photo than it did with the lashes above?

born pretty store false fake eyelashes review

I had to take away two stars for these eyelashes because of the horrible packaging. If I had that much trouble getting a pair out, I’m pretty sure the rest of the box will be a similar experience. Ha, and also I’m not a fan of the really shinny synthetic look.

False Eyelash #A15 Overall Rating: ★★★☆☆

  • Fragile base
  • OK price
  • Not heavy
  • Brightens and opens up the eyes
  • Smooth synthetic material
  • Shiny finish
  • Has a feathery look
  • Great for a formal or elegant look
  • Beautiful with smokey eye makeup
  • Reusable with care


Don’t forget, you can shop at
and get 10% off your entire purchase with promo code “SYH10“!

Which lash design do you think is better for a bride to be?


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  1. Oh very cute falsies very dramatic~

    1. thanks! i’m very happy with how both of them look 😀

  2. beautiful!

    1. awww thanks <3

  3. Ah! It breaks my heart too when lashes break off so easily…. (T T) Especially for those which cost more.

    1. i know!! it was so disappointing when it broke. oh well, at least each box comes with 10 pairs =\

    1. thanks!!

  4. Tottaly in love with Those lashes!!

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    1. Thanks, Angeline!

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