EXD Experience A Different Color Sunglass Review

exd korean sunglasses kpop lens

Happy Friday~

Got these beautiful sunglasses in the mail many weeks ago from klenspop.com for reviewing purposes, and finally got the chance to actually do it!

For those who haven’t heard, K-LENSPOP is now selling sunglasses (besides your usual circle lens and what not). The sunglasses that they are selling are from the brand EXD (Experience A Different Color), and made by Glass Story.

exd korean sunglasses kpop lens

The sunglasses that I got from K-LENSPOP is the Moonwhales Track 10 (~$95).

I originally thought that the price of these sunglasses were ridiculous, but once I received them, I found them to be worth the cost.

exd korean sunglasses kpop lens

The EXD sunglasses come in a very well designed, beautiful packaging. It’s a classy white box with a drawer that pulls out, revealing the contents inside.

Here’s what came out of the box:

  • Fancy warranty card
  • Lens cleaning cloth
  • Soft case (sunglasses were in a sealed ziplock inside of the case)

exd korean sunglasses kpop lens

The warranty card comes packed in this neat card holder. I don’t think that I’ll need the warranty, but I guess it’s nice to have, especially considering the cost of the sunglasses.

exd korean sunglasses kpop lens

The micro-fibre lens cleaning cloth is high quality, so you don’t need to worry about it scratching the lens.

exd korean sunglasses kpop lens

I personally prefer to try on sunglasses before buying them, but didn’t have a problem with EXD. After studying their different styles, I realized that all of them would probably look great on anyone.

All of the designs are pretty sexy and fashionable. I would somewhat compare EXD to RayBans. Trendy. Young. Fresh.

exd korean sunglasses kpop lens

These glasses have a gorgeous matte finish. The matte black is amazing! For this particular model, I could have chosen different colored sides, but I went with this teal option for some reason. I think if I had thought about it more, I would have gotten all white everything, #regrets.

The lens is made from Polycore, and has superior UV blocking. The sizing of the sunglasses can be found on the K-LENSPOP website.

exd korean sunglasses kpop lens

These sunglasses fit perfectly on my small asian nose. No worries about it falling off. I love that it has that party in the USA, white trash sort of look — while not being truly trashy. This pair of sunglass MAKES the outfit!

For this blog post, I felt that it’s better for me to not post selfies of myself wearing these sunglasses, but rather to show what they look like “in real life” (and outdoors like how you should be wearing them!).

So here are some photos of me wearing the sunglasses at Drais Beach Club in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago.

exd korean sunglasses kpop lens

Me with some of my favorite girls. I love how the sunglasses look with my swim top and shorts! I wore the sunglasses in the pool as well.

exd korean sunglasses kpop lens

And here’s me with my cousin. Overall, I feel that these sunglasses have a very bold shape, and it looks expensive. I highly recommend them!

exd korean sunglasses kpop lens

EXD Experience A Different Color Sunglasses: ★★★★★

  • Excellent design and packaging 
  • Sunglasses arrived in perfect condition without any scratches or damage
  • Comes with warranty (and your typical other goodies such as case & lens cloth)
  • The design is fashionable and very trendy
  • Material is good and not cheap
  • The lens protect you from UV rays
  • Tint is black, but you can still kind of see your eyes
  • I call this brand the RayBans of Asia
  • It’s a little bit on the pricey side, but after having them in hand, I think it’s worth the cost

Shop all of K-LENSPOP’s EXD sunglasses here!

What are your favorite sunglasses?

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  1. Whew…i finally caught up to all your updates! Yay!! Love the post. I also noticed your cool sunglasses at the pool! I like! <3 Miss you thissssssssssssssssssssssss much!!!

    1. hahaha awwww teewa!! thanks so much for stopping by my blog lol. and you noticed! oh well, when do you not~ miss you much!

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