Yves Saint Laurent YSL Dessin Des Levres Lip Liners (# 3, 8, 17)

ysl lip liner color review

I love wearing lipstick, but sometimes it can be so high maintenance! Whenever I wear any lipstick thats bright and bold, I get nervous that the color is fading or that I’ve accidentally smudged it. As a result, I end up checking my reflection constantly — through phone, mirrors, asking friends/husband =___=;;

Lipstick can easily go from being fun and flirty to nasty and trashy. If you wear lipstick, having a good lip liner is a MUST.

I must admit, I’m no expert at lip liners since I’ve only started using them for about a year now. So if you have any tips, tricks, or advice, do share!

ysl lip liner color review

The lip liners that I have to show today are the Dessin Des Levres by Yves Saint Laurent (YSL). I have them in 3 colors, #3 Fucshia, #8 Cinnamon, and #17 Rose. These are available for purchase at $30 a pop.

That’s quite a hefty price tag for what seems like a simple product! It’s almost the same price as YSL’s Rogue Volupte lipsticks which are $36. I guess it all comes down to how you use lipliners and whether you really care for perfection. Either that or you could definitely find other brands for much cheaper (but I’m a brand snob most of the time).

ysl lip liner color review

When I apply lip liner, after I finish lining, I usually start coloring in my lips from the outside inwards. Generally I do a gradient, otherwise I might color my entire lip with the lip liner! I know a few girls who don’t wear any lipstick at all, but just use lip liner alone, and it seems to work fine!

The lip liner colors that I got work pretty well with the lipstick shades that I currently own. The great thing about lip liners is that the color doesn’t have to match your lipstick 100%. As long as it’s within a reasonable range, it will probably work, especially if you do the gradient method that I mentioned above.

My least favorite of the YSL colors that I got is #17 Rose. For some reason, when I line my lips, you can’t really see the color to well. It really is a bummer. But the other two colors are great!

ysl lip liner color review

What lip liner are you currently using?

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  1. Number 3 is the best!! Been using it for 20 yrs!

    1. i love them all!! 😀

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