Metal Alliance & My New Tattoo

Hello loves!

Last week (Wednesday 3/27) I got to do some head banging at the Metal Alliance Tour 2013 in Hollywood’s House of Blues with my buddy Grace.

She’s a pretty lucky gal because she won two VIP tickets (meet&greet + goodies) to the sold out Metal Alliance showing featuring Anthrax, Exodus, High on Fire, Holy Grail… and my favorite Municipal Waste! Thanks so much for inviting me to tag along!!

We both ended up taking a half day from work so that we could get ready for the concert and go there early for the meet and greet.

This is my make up that I did.. LOL. Nothing very different from the norm ey?? Hahahaha~

gaijin gyaru going to thrash metal concert

I don’t have a photo of my outfit, but I wore all black…

  • Black jeans
  • Black shirt with cross cut out on the back
  • Borrowed Grace’s Dr. Marten boots
  • Black beaded cross necklace + bracelets + ring

dr. martens and nasty gal

After arriving at the venue, what was supposed to be an awesome night out ended up turning into somewhat of a disaster.

  1. We couldn’t find parking anywhere and ended up valeting it for $20
  2. Went to the box office to pick up our free tickets and our names weren’t on file
  3. Missed the meet and greet with the bands
  4. Didn’t get our goodies bag (poster, beer koozie, hot sauce)
  5. Had to wait 2 hours to get everything figured out before we were able to get in (waste of a half day)
  6. We were promised to be made up for the free ticket screw up, but the guy’s cell ended up dying and he didn’t hook us up in the end
  7. Two beers cost $25 and the Blue Moon on tap tasted like sh*t

Oh well.. the guy called back the next morning to apologize for his cell dying and said that he would mail over a box of goodies and more concert tickets.

metal alliance tour all access pass and ticket

Here’s the first band that played, Holy Grail. They were not very thrash metal in my (very ammeter) opinion, but they were great none the less!! Actually, I really loved all of the bands that played that night.

holy grail at metal alliance tour

One thing about metal is that it sounds 10000000x’s better live. If you are skeptical about metal music, I would recommend that you listen to it live first before you decide that it’s not for you. Most people I feel don’t give things a chance or they automatically judge or assume things.

Here’s the band that I was looking forward to seeing again. This is only my second metal show, but Municipal Waste is already one of my favorites. I think it may have been because they made such a huge impression on my the first time I saw them. Municipal Waste is gonna F*CK YOU UP!! ooOooo~ <3

municipal waste playing at metal alliance tour

At the end of the show, Anthrax finally came on stage and wow they were great! They played soooo many songs. I am amazed!

They also had two guest performances!! What a friggin’ sweet surprise!

  • “T.N.T.” (AC/DC cover featuring Slash)
  • “Bring The Noise” (Public Enemy cover featuring Chuck D)

anthrax and public enemy playing at metal alliance tour

Here’s a super duper useless short 6 second clip of the song Bring The Noise.

Ahhh this show was just amazing. Words cannot express how great of a show this was! If you are into thrash metal and you wanna read more about the show or see the set lists for all of the bands, read it here.

anthrax at metal alliance tour

And finally… Here’s a photo of my tattoo!! This is actually a photo of my tattoo the day after I got it. I’m kind of too lazy to take another photo and I already had this one readily available on my phone because I showed this to a couple of friends.

Since I got my tattoo last Tuesday, it has already finished crusting and has shed. Now my tattoo is pushing out a new layer of skin and it will be completely healed! Yay! It only took a little over a week to completely heal.

Ahh but since I got this tattoo the day before the concert, it was such a pain!! I couldn’t go in the mosh pit or get too wild because I didn’t want to damage my new ink.

japanese panty line tattoo

R.I.P. Anemone & Goby…. I am sad to say that my anemone died because it got sucked up into my wave maker. Wow, I’m so sad for it. Also it poisoned my water and my goby died as a result. Two deaths in one. Sad sad times for my salt water tank.

10 gallon nano salt water tank

Alright, thats all I have for today. See you all next week! Yay, btw, I’ve also ordered my eyebrow mascara already. Oh and this Saturday (today) I’ll be getting my permanent eyeliner tattoo! Yes! Too much to be excited about. Theres so much more but I’ll just let you all wait and see.

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xoxo Sarah

6 Replies to “Metal Alliance & My New Tattoo”

  1. Aw so sorry to hear of your loss, I’m mourning the loss of one of our little rabbits too. Pets are family members so it’s just as sad to lose one of them.
    Also, the new tat looks rad – the placement is so cute!

    1. i’m sorry for your rabbits!! ughh, i had a pet rabbit once, and one of my students accidentally killed it. i was so depressed and angry. pets really are a part of the family. hehe, and thanks! i love the tattoo so much <3

  2. You look great! ^__^ Im sp super jealous you got to see Metal Alliance Tour!!! Anthrax and Exodus came to Vancouver a week ago but I couldn’t see them :/ I love Exodus!! And Slayer, they are my top two thrash bands <3 How were they live? I have so much appreciation for the early metal bands.. without their contributions, I can't imagine how it'd be like today ;__; And yes I agree, live shows have so much energy it consumes you 😀

    1. Thanks Catherine! The show was soooo much fun!! And everyone was really great live. So much energy that u just can’t help but get really into the music 🙂

  3. Awww! I’m sorry about your fishies :c
    And oh gosh, I never thought you were
    a metal fan 😛 and I love your new
    tattoo! I am wondering what it says.


    1. Thanks~ haha I’m really new to metal music, but I do think it’s great! Really not what I imagined it to be before I ever listened to it. And my tattoo says fall down seven times, stand up eight 🙂

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