Gyaru Eye Make In 13 Easy Steps

japanese gyaru eye make up tutorial


I actually don’t do many tutorials since I don’t think I’m as skilled as others, but since Sumi requested one, here’s my gyaru eye makeup tutorial in 13 easy steps!


Moving onto the eye tutorial…

Here’s a quick gif on the eye transformation. Haha, I just thought it would be pretty cool to see since I had so many photos of my eye at each stage of the process! And yes, if you must ask, this will be the end result of today’s eye make tutorial.

japanese gyaru eye make up tutorial

Before getting started with the steps, here’s a complete list of everything that I used to create this look.

  • Naked 2 Palette & brush that comes with it
  • Grey circle lens
  • Kate Eyeliner
  • Suma Pencil Eyeliner
  • Urban Decay Primer
  • Black Liquid Eyeliner
  • Maybelline’s The Colossal Mascara
  • DUO Eyelash Glue
  • Shiseido Eyelash Curler
  • Taiwan 10 Set Eyelashes #051

japanese gyaru eye make up tutorial

You don’t need to have these exact products to do this look or even all of them. But you must have at least 3 eyeshadow colors that blend well together, circle lens, liquid eyeliner, lash curler, and false lashes + glue.

Let’s start!

japanese gyaru eye make up tutorial

Step 1: Prime your eye

Gently dab your favorite primmer around your eye as indicated above. I put it all around in a “C” shape because this is the entire area that will eventually have eyeshadow on it.

japanese gyaru eye make up tutorial

Step 2: Apply “YDK” or a light/medium brown across your lid

Using a flat eyeshadow brush (or even your finger if you’re good at it!), apply the light/medium brown color across the lid. Start from the outer corner of your eye and move towards your inner eye. The eyeshadow shouldn’t go much higher than your eyelid crease, but can blend outwards if you would like.

japanese gyaru eye make up tutorial

Step 3: Add “Busted” or a dark brown eyeshadow to your crease, outer corner, and lower lid

Once again, starting at the outer corner of your eye, begin to extend your eye shadow out further to create the illusion of a longer and larger eye. Make sure to blend the dark brown color across your upper lid and stop mid way.

If you would like, you can draw a hard line at or a little above your crease to sharpen the look. This line can extend past the mid section of your upper lid.

Don’t forget to add some eye shadow to the outer half of your lower lid. It should start off thick on the outer corner and get thinner going in.

japanese gyaru eye make up tutorial

Step 4: Intensify the look with “Blackout” or a black (or very dark) eyeshadow

With your brush and super dark eyeshadow, carefully line around half of the outer upper and lower lid. This should look somewhat like a “C” shape again, but close to your eye. It’s almost like applying eyeliner but with eyeshadow instead. Keep the shadow as close to your lash line and blend outwards at the corner of your eye.

japanese gyaru eye make up tutorial

Step 5: At the crease, add “Chopper” or a golden brown shadow

This step isn’t really necessary, but if you like to have more of a blended look try this. Simply use a crease brush and blend the color across your lid. I like to start it past my eye above the current applied eyeshadow, and end it before getting too close to my inner eye.

japanese gyaru eye make up tutorial

Step 6: Use a highlighter color (soft yellow) or “Foxy” 

You also don’t really need this step, but if I were to choose between step 5 & 6, I would pick this one. Using the crease brush again, lightly swipe some highlighter color under the arch of your eyebrow and down the side. This further helps blend the shadow, while also making your eyes appear brighter.

japanese gyaru eye make up tutorial

Step 7: Apply liquid eyeliner to your upper lid

This one is a tough one to explain. Applying liquid eyeliner is truly an art form and takes lots and lots of practice to master, and even more practice to master what works best for your own eye!

Therefore, I am not going into depth on how to draw the eyeliner, but I will tell you that I start from the middle and work outwards. Then I come back and do the inner part and connect to the middle. Don’t forget that the eyeliner should go out past your eyeshadow!!

japanese gyaru eye make up tutorial

Step 8: Use your pencil eyeliner for the lower half of your lid

Carefully draw on the lower half of your lid with your semi dulled sharpened pencil. If the pencil is too sharp, the line looks too clean and I hate it (if you want a clean line use liquid). If the pencil is too dull, it’s very sloppy! In between is ideal.

Work from the outer corner and move inward. Connect the lower liner with the upper liner in a way that it’s almost a seamless sideways “V” shape.

japanese gyaru eye make up tutorial

Step 9: Line your inner eye with liquid

I like to use liquid liner for the inner part of my lower lid and my tear duct. For the lower lid, just carefully follow your lash line and you should be fine. Connect it with your existing pencil liner.

The tear duct line isn’t necessary, but I believe it helps complete the “gyaru” look and also balances your eyes in ratio to your face. If you don’t add the line in, it makes it look like your eyes are too wide apart since we’ve made them appear larger. Adding this line in also takes much practice, so give it a few goes and you’ll figure out where’s best to draw the line.

japanese gyaru eye make up tutorial

Step 10: Prep your eyes for false lashes by curling and adding mascara

This is an important step if you wan’t to wear false lashes. I hate it when people don’t curl their lashes because it looks ugly if you don’t. I personally curl and apply mascara to prep. You don’t really need to add mascara before the lashes if you don’t want to, because you will again after!

japanese gyaru eye make up tutorial

Step 11: Put on your favorite false lashes

When applying false lashes, make sure that you are waiting the appropriate amount of time for the glue to become sticky (unless you have the type of glue that is fast). You can apply the lashes either with your fingers, or a tweezer if needed.

never cut the length of my lashes, and when I put them on, I don’t match them up to my actual lid. As indicated above, I usually start my lashes at the edge of my circle lens and past the outer corner of my eye following the shape of my eyeliner.

japanese gyaru eye make up tutorial

Step 12: Adjust your eyeliner line and touch up

Whenever I’m done putting on my false lashes, my eyeliner line has typically adjusted itself. I like to redraw a straighter line above the false lash base. Also add black liner on any parts where the glue may have not dried properly.  You wan’t it to look as black as possible!

japanese gyaru eye make up tutorial

Step 13: Add mascara to your lower lashes

Lastly, you can carefully add mascara to your lower lids. Don’t be like me and make a mess down there, lol. But if you do, don’t worry and just grab a q-tip with some make up remover.

If you aren’t as lazy as me, you can grab your favorite pair of lower lashes and wear them too. In that case, I would suggest only wearing the lower lashes on the outer half of your lower lid. If the lashes you have are for a full lower lid, you can simply cut them in half. Don’t glue them too close to your lash line, but instead at the outer rim of your eyeliner.

Not sure if that makes sense? If you have questions, just leave me a comment and I’ll try to clarify.

That’s all I have for today’s tutorial!
I hope that you found it useful and maybe learned a thing or two?
I don’t know, well have a good 3-day weekend!

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xoxo Sarah 

6 Replies to “Gyaru Eye Make In 13 Easy Steps”

  1. Such a detailed tutorial, thanks so much for showing it *O* I think I will do it until step 6 for a more natural/daily make up and the entire tutorial for something more dramatic/night time!

    Neko Bunny U=・ x ・=U

    1. i’m glad that you found my tutorial to be detailed! i like to aim to add as much detail as possible, loll. even though i end up spending hours and hours doing them =___= don’t tell my husband that! haha~~

  2. I use this kind of make up many times! It’s a great tutorial!!!
    Your make up is perfect and clean!!!
    Love u!!

    <3 <3 <3
    †✰ Visit my blog ✰†

    1. thanks so much! i actually don’t often line my lower lash line, so this look isn’t too common for me. i like a softer look on the bottom using eyeshadow 🙂

  3. So, so perfect.
    I am terrible with fake lashes, definitely need to try again though!

    1. ahh yes practice wearing fake lashes! omg i can’t believe the difference it makes. i believe that wearing fake lashes is a MUST! unless you are born with those beautiful full and long ones.. that i know some people do have *jealous*

      can you believe that 10 years ago fake lashes were not the norm?? oh how fashion and beauty keeps changing and going in circles…

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